What Is FTT Crypto?

FTX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange of a centralized type, famous for its convenient futures trading options and margin trading tools. The platform has created a service for USA residents – FTX.US, which offers fewer trading tools than the original FTX platform.

The exchange is well known among advanced traders and investors, for it offers innovative tools such as options, leverage, and futures derivatives. The platform supports over 300 digital assets.

Earning options on FTX:

  • margin
  • futures trading
  • forex
  • stocks
  • leverage
  • spot
  • and other markets.

The platform has its internal asset – FTT crypto.

How is FTT Cryptocurrency Used?

FTT is an FTX crypto used for staking in the FTX platform. Before locking their tokens in staking, users should know that they cannot be unlocked earlier than 14 days. Those tokens that are slotted for unlocking will not bring any rewards to a staker. So if you unlock your coins before the staking period expires, you risk losing your investments and receive a penalty. There’s nothing new, that is how staking works.

Those who hold FTX crypto receive discounts on trading fees within the FTX platform. The FTX coin is developed based on the ERC-20 standard.

Where to Buy FTT Cryptocurrency?

The FTT crypto is available on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. The current price of the token is $22,83. WhiteBIT is a large and trusted crypto platform that adds only credible crypto assets. You will find over 400 trading pairs available, as well as the option to trade against fiat currencies. Registered users who pass the verification process can attach their bank cards to their accounts and buy crypto coins with fiat. The platform is incredibly intuitive and suits beginner traders. If you have any questions working with WhiteBIT, don’t hesitate to ask for customer support help.

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