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What is the best website to watch free movies

What is the best website to watch free movies

In this era of high-speed internet access, people are leaving the old fashioned cable connections and adopting the culture of live streaming. Especially during the pandemic when the world was at home, the live streaming took a boost. People were looking for ways to entertain themselves at home, in their comfort zone. Although there are many famous streaming services like NetFlix, Disney, and Hulu, nevertheless they are paid. So if you start watching through these services, you may lose a big amount of your savings. So how about if someone gets to watch all their favorite movies and tv shows for free? There are many legal websites where you can watch movies and shows online totally free of cost.

There is a long list of websites offering these services for free, but here you will get a review on the best websites among them.


Catering to its users since 2018, Soap2day is entertaining its users daily. This site has gained a large number of users in a short span of time because this site provides movies in high-quality prints that are very rare to find for free. The library is filled with a lot of genres including, horror, thriller, fantasy, romantic, and anime. If you are annoyed by lots of ads popping up while using other streaming services, you must switch to Soap2Day. There is no hassle of registration or logging in. It is safe to use as no Malwares, viruses, and trojans can enter the system of viewers.


Leaving behind the tension of life for a few hours, and going into the world of fantasy,123 movies is an online streaming website that will give you a bewildering experience. Standing out of the crowd, 123 movies provide top quality and hit movies at one station. Either it’s your favorite modern tv show or a very old movie, you can find every genre of movies and shows here. With no pressure of logging in or adding your payment details. The users can watch everything 24/7. 4300 movies and more than 8100 titles, the quality that is offered from 3D to HD, no other streaming service can beat 123 movies.

Go movies

Go movies is a viewer’s go-to website, for its amazing video library. You can’t tell one thing that this website has missed. From biography to historic, comedy, thriller or romantic. You can find anything here that comes to your mind. Giving HD prints with no cost, Go movies specialties not only end here, but this website also contains tv shows and serials. The major positive point of this website is that it’s been regularly updated. Go movies just want entertainment for its users to be more convenient, it saves the viewers from making any account or adding any payment details.

F movies

A captivating website, designed beautifully, F movies also offer free HD movies without any registration. Without those annoying advertisements, you can watch free online movies and tv shows on F movies. a site that looks equally like NetFlix, with a number of titles that become very popular among users, especially when it’s free. Fmovies is very easy to use and known as the most legit streaming service. It’s safe to use as no Malwares, viruses, and trojans can enter the system of viewers. Now what you need to get started are a good stable internet connection and some popcorn!

Now it’s time for you to decide, time to choose your favorite streaming service. Everyone has their different taste in movies and shows, and the website discussed will give you an elaborated view of what you need to see right now. All the websites are totally free and safe for your device. There are no legal issues with them at all. So get,set and go.


Inclusive of award-winning movies like moonlight, ex Machina, and memento, Kanopy is a treasure trove of best movies online for free. If you are someone who loves to watch art and classic, Kanopy comes with the best collection of old and modern masterpieces in its library. Now you can enjoy the cinema at home without the hassle of getting into the ticket lane. Watch movies on Kanopy website or its mobile app.To get access to Kanopy’s catalog anytime, you need to login into your college, university email, or a library card. one thing that the viewer must keep in mind is that movies are changed after some time on the Kanopy. The movies offered right now might disappear and replace them with any other. So watch your favorite movies as soon they are listed. They might come again but it’s never sure when.


Did you ever think that your local library card can give you many other facilitates apart from just books? MidWest tape brings you Hoopla, a streaming network that not only provides free online movies, it also gives services such as DVD’s, CD’s, E-Books, Comics, and audiobooks. To start using Hoopla, sign up using your email address and a library card. You have now entered into the world of free movies and TV seasons. You can watch on whatever device you are comfortable watching, either it’s a phone, tablet, Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, or Android TV. Think of Hoopla as a normal library, where you will borrow some good movies, watch them, and then be replaced with others.


Crackle, also known as Sony Crackle is yet another great website to watch free movies. However, here you will trade by watching some advertisements. This website is supported by advertisements, but obviously, it’s a good trade off when you are paying zero money. Although ads are a bit annoying, the collection of movies and tv shows in Crackle is too vast. Which attracts viewers to choose crackle. If you are unable to find some old shows which are not available anywhere else, you will find them on crackle including modern action and thriller. You can browse it on any smart tv, smartphone, or computer. It has a mobile application too.

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