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Video Slots Machines vs Fruit Machines: Which is better?

Video Slots Machines vs Fruit Machines: Which is better?

Video Slots Machines vs Fruit Machines: Which is better

Clearly, deciding which is better between video slots machines and fruit machines is a subjective and highly controversial debate! Many people will have many differing opinions depending on whether they grew up playing classic pub fruit machines and miss the nostalgia, or whether they embrace the new online version.

Sure, video UK online slots are more convenient as you can play wherever and whenever you like, but are they really better? Moving opinion to one side, is there any foundation to the argument that they’re more sophisticated.

When analysed under scrutiny, what are their main differences?

Aren’t they just the same?

It’s important to first gauge what separates video slots machines and fruit machines in order to see if they are the same. So first, the nuances.

It’s important to not mix the two up. After all, they work in a relatively similar way. You place your wager, spin the reels, and maybe get a pay-out if luck is on your side.

However, if we’re going to split hairs, fruit machines are slightly more basic than video slots machines as they don’t offer as many betting options.

It does exactly what it says on the tin

It isn’t that difficult to guess when a fruit machine is a fruit machine. How so? The reels have fruit on them. No bells, no coins, no heart – just fruit.

The extra symbols are only seen on video slots machines so if you’re spinning the reels and there’s not a bell in sight, you may well be playing a fruity.

Video slots and the upward curve of online gaming

If you’ve been playing video slots since the early 1990s, you’ll have seen the unbelievable evolution brought about by the internet. When slots games went digital in the mid-1990s, everything changed – forever.

As players could now play slots on their home computers whenever they liked, then their mobile phones and laptops as they became the norm, traditional slots machines were slowly phased out. However, it wasn’t so much of a phasing out as a situation where they began to gather more and more dust.

With the increased number of players signing up to online casinos and the revenue that brought, more money was ploughed back into the iGaming industry.

Nowadays, the gameplay, the graphics, and the pay-outs or jackpots are much better than ever before.

Just like pre-internet though, fruit machines are still more basic and they haven’t seen quite the surge that the ambitious slot has.

Which one do you prefer?

Everything boils down to the simple question of which one you prefer. Which is better? Technically, video slots games online have sped ahead in terms of sophistication, money and revenue, prizes, jackpots, popularity and clicks, but as far as entertainment goes, fruities are still around.

Just check out Fruit Spin and Fruit Shop by NetEnt, Fruit Factory by Realistic Games, and Cherry Blast by Iron Dog Studio if you want great examples of whether fruities are still popular in a very digital age.

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