Bitcoin is a sensation that took on financial markets all over the world. It’s a virtual currency that brings many benefits which is why the number of rises is rising. When it comes to the benefits, each user has exclusive access to their assets. They maintain them and rely on no third party to do so. In addition to this, the password you have is the private key which lets you access your assets and approves each transaction you make.

To make a transaction happen you need a public key that you can share with another user. The transactions can be various purchases, but you can also swap Bitcoin for any fiat currency or a cryptocurrency that you prefer. These are some of the benefits of it and you can see why it gets so much attention.

As a trend it has already found a place with many businesses, the gaming industry included. Besides being a viable payment method, it has inspired game developers to produce a couple of Bitcoin titles on the market. They belong to various genres and are interesting games. So, if you’re looking for something to play, then you can try these Bitcoin games:

Bitcoin Flip

If the world of cryptocurrency trading is something you’d like to get into, then you’ll need some practice. In other words, getting a grasp of the basics is what you need before you start trading and Bitcoin Flip can help you with that. It will give you a virtual market with assets with real-time prices as well as all the tools and charts you need to learn the basic skills. Still, this will be just the beginning of your trading career and if it seems too much then you can go for the alternative.

Trading platforms like BTC pro can do all the trading for you, but you’ll need to register first. You’ll need to understand that this platform works with user input and as such will require you to go over several tutorials and a demo lesson. Also, you’ll need to make a small deposit which will be your starting budget for trading. Once you’re done with the training session then you can adjust the settings of the platform and go for your first live session. Afterward, you’ll be able to experiment with the settings as much as you want to.


Unlike the previous game, RollerCoin is a Bitcoin mining simulator. Bitcoin mining is a complex process, but you won’t do anything remotely complex in this game. In other words, you’ll take on various missions and complete them to get Bitcoin. Furthermore, the game splits a new Bitcoin games block among the players every 5 minutes. You will use your assets in the game to pay electricity and air conditioning bills as well as rent, data center repairs, and more. It’s a fun game that will keep you entertained.

Satoshi Quiz

If you’re looking to test your knowledge on various topics then you can try Satoshi Quiz. You’ll get questions from different categories and you’ll get points if you answer them correctly. If you continue to do so, then you’ll make it to the top players you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. The rewards come yearly, monthly, and weekly and they are in Bitcoin.


The value of this virtual currency is doing pretty well. That’s because more companies and people are accepting it. Since it already has a place in the gaming industry it will continue to thrive. The few Bitcoin titles have received positive feedback which means more of them will be on the way. This means that Bitcoin games will have a future in the gaming industry and will continue to revolutionize financial markets all over the world.