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Top 5 Games That Can Run On Any Computer – 2024
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Top 5 Games That Can Run On Any Computer – 2024

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Would you wish to quench your thirst for gaming? Your solution lies in the acquisition of games that are able to run on just about any personal computer. These games are largely obscure as few people really know about them.

We are glad that you have arrived at just the right place. Our discussions here endeavor to usher you into the dynamic world of gaming. We have indeed prepared this guide to peek into some of the games that have been noted to run on just about any computer. Find them reviewed here below for your own consideration.


Here are the top 5 games that can run on any computer. These are the latest games that are also in vogue and quite thrilling. You want to give them a topmost priority in your search for the right game:

#1. Crusader Kings 2

This is a strategy game that is set in the Middle Ages. It was created by the Paradox Development Studios. The game is a follow up to the initial Crusader Kings. It was officially released in 2012 for Microsoft Windows. Later on, in 2019, it was released as free-to-play with a third sequel due to be released in 2020.

In this game, the player controls the medieval dynasties from 1066 to 1337. The player thereafter endeavors to achieve success for their respective dynasties. This he does principally by strategically using marriages, wars, and a series of assassinations. The more successful dynasty eventually carries the day.

#2. Dwarf Fortress

Also called Slaves to Armok, this is basically an action-packed movie. In this game, your player controls a group of dwarves in a bid to construct a wealthy fortress successfully. Many who have already attempted it have noted that it is indeed mind-boggling and complicated in stature.

This is the game to go for if you similarly want to up your coordination skills. It is accompanied by text-based graphics that aid the player to follow up freely. The game has two main modes. These are the Dwarf Fortress and the Adventurer respectively. They are the ones that give you the options to play and score points.

#3. Walking Simulator

As its name implies, this is a game that simulates the actions of walking around. The game properly entails exploring and discovering the treasures gradually and scientifically. These are done via direct observations and almost no tangible actions on your part. The latest 2020 version does incorporate some actions too!

It has some difficult terrains, gravity and harsh weather for you to take on. The game is generally cheaper than many of its counterparts at the moment. In fact, by opting to place your bet on it, you’d be surprised how little a decent gaming PC can cost these days! A new version of the game is currently under the works.

#4. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Do you love combat and battles? This is the game to set your eyes on. In a nutshell, this is an action-packed multiplayer game. Its multi-player character sees it support a whopping 25 players at a go! Then, the game itself is hugely compatible with many systems and environments of use.

These include but are definitely not limited to Macintosh, Android, and Microsoft Windows. Its primary focus is to outdo the other players while attempting to reach some predefined goals. You have to employ a great deal of with and tact to accomplish this.

#5. Haunted PS 1 Demo Disc

This is not a game per se. Instead, it is a collection of games that stretch back to the 90s. The collection is compatible with just about any operating system and is also free-of-charge. For a large part, it is basically a collection of the horror games that remind of the good old days gone by.

All you have to do is skim the suite and narrow your choice to the game that mostly mirrors your own expectations. If you are spoilt for choice you have the leeway to use the demos to explain to you just what to expect from each game before proceeding.


Needless to say, the list we have crafted and explained above are not all the games that you can run on any computer. It is certainly in your best interest to find out the other that may equally suffice. Nonetheless, the games we have explained above are the most outstanding.

They are the ones that are well able to quench your thirst for gaming considerably. You hence have them for your prioritization and subsequent utilization. You simply need to acquire a computing device and that is it! How soon do you plan to set out for a download? Kindly let us know here below…

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