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The Ultimate Guide to boost Instagram likes & followers

The Ultimate Guide to boost Instagram likes & followers

The Ultimate Guide to boost Instagram likes

Hearts on the Instagram post is what any Instagram influencer seeks. However, getting these hearts and double tap on the Instagram post is not as easy as it might seem to you. Fortunately for you, we are here in this post going to provide you with a detailed guide on how to boost Instagram likes and followers.

To boost Instagram likes, you need to understand the Instagram algorithm. Hence, we suggest you keep your ball rolling for this very purpose. The post below will highlighthow you can achieve a higher engagement rate. It will also be shedding some light on the things you need to avoid if you are seeking to get a higher number of followers on Instagram.

How do you increase your Instagram likes and followers?

Before understanding how to increase your Instagram followers, it is crucial to know about the Instagram algorithm. To not beat around the bush, things on Instagram work chronologically. As a user, this means that you get to see all the posts that are similar to the post you have been interacting with the most. The primary motive of Instagram is to make people engage most of their time on the platform.

For this, they try sharing those posts that are related to the users in some way. You will know what you need to do when you reverse engineer the concept.  Let us now move on to understand how to increase Instagramengagement.

  • Before all else, you need to switch your Instagram account from private to business.
  • You need to update the description on your bio to make the users aware of your brand.
  • Additionally, you can add other accounts and contact details, including email addresses and mobile numbers, in your bio.
  • Proper Engagement is one of the fundamental ways toflaw the deal. For this, you can use a caption that is interactive, comment or even collab with brands.
  • Maintaining consistency is something you should never forget. Also, do not forget to use the photo tag, location tag, and other relevant hashtags.

These arehow you can increase your likes and followers on Instagram. Following the ways which can help you to reach the desired target list.Let us proceed further towards the next section to learn the things you need to avoid.

Things you need to avoid

As you are aware of the process to increase your Instagram followers, let us move on to understand the things you need to avoid. You must have gone through a lot of posts that might be guiding you on the ways to increase the followers. However, you should as well know the things that need to be avoided so that it does not hinder your success.

  • To begin with, using a hard or an awkward username is what you need to avoid.
  • Also, remember not to set your Instagram profile to the private mode. If it is on private mode, the Instagram users will not know about your brand.
  • The post that you share should not be inconsistent and without the captions. This is because if the consistency is not maintained, the users who are following might also stop following you.
  • Another most common mistake that most Instagram influencers make is not engaging with the audience.
  • Not using the relevant hashtags should also be avoided. When you do use the hashtags then, avoid using too many of them at a time.
  • Well, you also should never use the content of other Instagram users. Copying the content from other people will not bring you many followers.
  • Many people think that sharing many posts will bring more followers. However, this is misleading. Therefore, overloading your account with too many posts should be avoided henceforth.

This was all about the list of things you need to avoid for boosting your Instagram likes and followers. But, the question arises can we not buy these followers instead of putting efforts to boost the same? In the next section, let’s understand why that is not a good option.

Can you buy Instagram followers?

If you are wondering whether you can buy Instagram followers then, the answer is you can. You can buy multiple Instagram followers. However, the important point to note here is that these followers are worthless, as they will certainly not engage with your Instagram posts.

Multiple sites are available in the browser these days to help you reach the target list, but it will be meaningless, as your engagement rate will remain low. Just so you know, it is the engagement rate that matters and not just the number of followers you have on Instagram.

You get all the inactive and fake users when you purchase the followers. Having a high number of followers can help you attract other users on Instagram, but there is no surety. On the other side, buying followers on Instagram can rather distort the overall performance metric.

You should know that these days Instagram have started removing inauthentic Instagram accounts. Hence, it is advisable not to purchase the followers and rather follow the aforementioned strategies to boost the likes and followers. In the other case, you might face severe consequences as that would be considered a violation of the community guidelines.


Instagram is a social media account that is quite popular worldwide. If you are on Instagram and wish to boost your followers, do not miss following the tips mentioned above in the post. Faking activities and followers on Instagram might not be fruitful. Hopefully, we have provided you with a brief on how to help you reach the target list. Remember the things you need to avoid to boost Instagram likes and followers.

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