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The Ultimate Benefits of Using an Ad Mediation Platform

The Ultimate Benefits of Using an Ad Mediation Platform

The Ultimate Benefits of Using an Ad Mediation Platform

In-app advertising is thriving and trends suggest that it is going to rule the monetization world for another few years. With the ease to enable in-app advertising, mobile app monetization has become a very common practice among publishers. The app publishers today have access to multiple platforms that make mobile app monetization via in-app advertising hassle-free.

The key players of in-app advertising include the app publisher, mobile advertiser, mobile ad network and ad mediation platform.  Ad networks and ad mediation platforms, both connect the publisher and advertiser as a bridge. Their role is to enable ad serving as soon as an ad call is generated. So how do the ad mediation platforms differ from ad networks? Here is the answer…

An ad network solely connects an app publisher to advertisers making ad serving possible. But in the case of an ad mediation platform, it connects an app publisher with multiple ad networks who further open ad inventory to hundreds of advertisers. You must be wondering that how an ad mediation platform manages ads from so many ad networks at once, this is how it works…

How does a mobile ad mediation platform work?

Mobile ad mediation platforms work on two models; waterfall and in-app bidding. In the case of the waterfall, ad networks are listed on the demand side based on eCPMs. The ad network offering the highest eCPMs is listed on the top, while others follow the lead. As soon as an ad call is generated it is transferred to the waterfall. If the top listed ad network fails, the ad call is transferred to the next in the line. The process continues to the last ad network listed in the waterfall unless it is answered.

The waterfall model ensures ad serving within microseconds fetching ads from the highest paying ad networks only. The same is done in the case of in-app bidding, however, the mechanism differs. Ad Networks are not ranked or placed in a waterfall in this case, in contrast, they bid for the available ad slot. This means that whenever an ad call is generated it is transferred to the ad network’s side where ad networks bid actively. The ad network which offers the highest value during the bid gets to serve the ad. This way only the highest paying ad networks serve ads giving greater revenue to the publisher.

Mobile ad mediation platforms add much value to mobile app monetization for the app publishers to enjoy. Here is what you are missing out on…

The Ultimate Benefits of an Ad Mediation Platform

Ad mediation platforms are a blessing in disguise. Mobile app monetization was never as effective and easy as it has become now. App publishers open doors to multiple benefits by opting for mobile ad mediation platforms. This is what you need to know…

Single SDK for Greater Benefits

To connect with multiple ad networks individually, an app publisher will require multiple SDKs to be integrated with a mobile app. This causes disturbance in the app functionality and results in lagging. In contrast, to make an ad mediation platform work for an app, a publisher only needs a single SDK! It’s just like magic. App publishers enable in-app advertising for monetization by just integrating a single SDK that connects them to multiple ad networks at once.

A good ad mediation platform usually offers a lightweight SDK that integrates into the app in less than an hour. The good part is that an SDK does not slow down an app or cause lagging. These SDKs are only meant to connect an app with multiple ad networks to enable quality ad serving with the highest eCPMs.

Multiple Ad Network’s Management

Ad mediation platforms offer centralized services as a one-stop platform. These platforms single-handedly enable ad serving from the best mobile ad networks for publishers. App publishers understand how difficult it is to manage multiple ad networks at once. But a mobile ad mediation platform makes it incredibly easy and simple.

Mobile ad mediation platforms not only connect mobile apps with the best mobile ad networks for publishers but also enable optimization of performance. These platforms make mobile app monetization efficient with quality in-app advertising and management.

Complete Control of Mobile App Monetization

The mediation process is usually automated, but app publishers can always deal with it manually. This means that ad mediation platforms give app publishers complete control to manage who to sell the ad inventory and when. By doing so, app publishers can always manage to allow ad serving from the highest paying ad networks that they like.

Ad mediation platforms give app publishers all the control to create their build without any hassle. App publishers can easily pick and choose ad placeholders for monetization and later control ad serving at their fingertips.

Higher eCPMs and Fill Rate

An ideal mobile ad mediation platform must ensure greater eCPMs and higher fill rates. This is only possible if the auto-mediation models are running smoothly. Whether in the case of a waterfall or in-app bidding, an ad mediation platform is meant to ensure ad serving from only the highest paying mobile ad networks. This way a publisher gets to enjoy higher revenue unlike being partners with just one ad network.

On the same side, the fill rate matters too. Fill rate is the percentage of total ads successfully served per number of ad calls sent. An ideal fill rate must be over 95% in order to bring out the best results and higher revenue. Ad mediation platforms ensure a higher fill rate conveniently as it ensures that an ad call is answered no matter what.


Ad mediation platforms ensure transparency by providing multiple breakdowns of the important KPIs. These platforms empower app publishers with just the perfect optimization options by displaying app performance. From revenues, impressions to placeholder performance, a mobile ad mediation platform display everything an app publisher needs to improve revenue. This transparency not just helps improve results but also adds to the platform’s credibility.

Ad mediation platforms help app publishers get more revenue in their pockets. Besides, multiple other benefits help them achieve goals like never before. So tighten your seat belts and begin your ad mediation journey today!

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