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What To Expect From the iGaming Market in the US

What To Expect From the iGaming Market in the US


Gambling throughout the US has had a chequered history, with certain types of betting being banned across many states. It is easy to assume that as places like the UK allow a range of gambling methods the rest of the world is the same, but actually that is not the case. However, what we have seen over recent months is places like the US loosening their rules a little which has allowed people to undertake gambling without any hassle. The growth of betting in the US began when the Supreme Court overturned laws that banned things such as sports betting.

Betting Within the US

Betting within the US can vary from state to state; however, what we have seen over recent years and months is rules being adapted to allow betting. There are several reasons why this may have been the case, however the fact that there were several loopholes that allowed people to bet even though it was technically banned.

Although the betting ban stopped people from betting within the US, that didn’t mean that people didn’t access sports betting internationally. Betting online allows people to access websites from anywhere in the world and plenty of sports betting websites were happy to tailor their services towards customers from the US. So, although betting was illegal within the US that didn’t mean that American citizens weren’t undertaking betting as a pastime anyway.

So, rather than have this happen under the radar and the US Government miss out on possible income from things like tax, opening up sports betting to a larger audience seemed a sensible decision.

Why Mobile Betting is So Popular

In the grand scheme of things mobile betting is a reasonably new way to place bets online, it is a method that has quickly increased in popularity. For most of us, smartphones and devices are now a part of everyday life – so it makes sense that carrying out tasks on these is a choice made by many.

Casino game developers aren’t silly and quickly clicked onto the fact that using mobile phones to place sports bets was the preferred way for many. As such, we have seen lots of developments when it comes to mobile gaming over recent months – with apps making it even easier to play casino games and place sports bets online. Most people are well-versed with downloading apps to be able to do what they want online, so the fact that online casinos and bookmakers now offer this doesn’t seem unusual. In fact, many younger people prefer to carry out transactions online via an app and so this helps mobile betting reach an even larger audience.

The Future of Mobile Betting

Although it is hard to say exactly what the future of mobile betting will be, one thing we can be certain about is that it won’t be going anywhere soon. You only have to look at the recent launch of the new Samsung S22 Ultra to understand how excited the market is for new smartphone releases. People love using their smartphones and are always looking to their devices to be able to do more and more; which includes being able to carry out their hobbies such as gambling.

What we can expect from the future of mobile betting is that apps and websites will become more intricate. Advances in technology mean that mobile betting is more accessible than ever and this is a trend that is likely to continue. Game developers are likely to pay attention to the needs and wants of consumers and do what they can to ensure that apps and websites keep up with this.

Mobile betting will always be tied in with betting websites, but it could be that physical venues across the US start to offer discounts and benefits to those that are users of their online services too. We have seen mobile betting services increase massively in popularity over the last 2 years, especially heightened by the fact that most physical venues across the US were forced to close and it makes sense that betting companies continue to take advantage of this.

The Future of Gambling in General

Sports betting being allowed across the US means that this pastime is now open to more people than ever and that is not something that is likely to change anytime soon. What we have seen with gambling in places like the UK are consistent changes in gambling laws and regulations, to ensure that they keep up with current gambling trends. These regulations tend to adapt depending on how we see gambling users act and the chances are that gambling regulations across the US will be no different.

Of course, even though things like sports betting are allowed in the US they’ll have their own rules and regulations already in place. What we haven’t got a massive example of is his US patrons will respond to this and what will happen in terms of gambling now that it is much more open. Once we see the behaviours and how popular sports betting becomes, it is likely that a change of regulations will come into place to ensure that mobile betting throughout the US seems safe.

One thing we have started to see in terms of online betting is the chance of players to top up accounts and withdraw winnings with digital currency such as Bitcoin. With Cryptocurrency also being something that is both advancing in technology and increasing in popularity, it is likely that the future of mobile betting will include Cryptocurrency becoming a bigger part of gambling platforms. We’re already seeing digital currency becoming popular across a number of platforms and gambling is unlikely to be an exception.

Although it is hard to accurately predict the future of mobile betting, what we do know is that it is something that is likely to continue to be popular and that technology will continue to change and adapt how it works and what it offers users.

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