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10 Reasons to Switch to a Fibre Broadband

10 Reasons to Switch to a Fibre Broadband

Fibre optics is the latest breakthrough in the field of technology. Whether you use the internet for your personal use or professional use, the chances are you’ve heard of fibre broadband before. While fibre internet is known as one of the fastest and most stable internet connections you can have, not everyone knows what the hype is all about.

Today, the internet is widely used by people all over the world. From browsing the web to scrolling through social media, streaming movies, playing games, making video calls and sending emails, people use the internet for almost everything. Not only this, the internet is also used in smart home applications, vehicles, industries, health care systems and various other businesses. To ensure the smooth running of these applications and our lives now, we need a reliable, fast and efficient solution.

What is fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband uses fibre optics to transmit information through coded beams of light. Fibre optics are made up of either extremely fine glass or plastic fibres that have a thickness of less than a tenth of the human hair. As explained by specialists from Netomnia, compared to the traditional copper broadband wires that use electric current to pass information, fibre optic cable transfers data using light pulses.

It has the capability to carry a large amount of information at a much faster rate. An ultrafast full-fibre infrastructure can provide a fast and reliable internet connection to homes and businesses. As technology is dynamically evolving, there are several reasons why this is the right time to switch to a fibre broadband connection, here’s why…

  • High speed

As compared to other types of broadband connections, fibre broadband offers the internet at lightning speed. A fibre network does not contain copper wire, it directly connects your home or business with the fibre cabinet of the network provider through a fibre optic cable. From hundreds of Mbps to thousands of Mbps, based on your requirements, you can select a plan with speeds that work best for you.

  • Same download and upload speed

One of the most frustrating issues faced by regular broadband users is the long wait time for uploading files. Cable internet has different download and upload speeds (yes, there are different!). As the majority of people use the internet for downloading content, internet operators focus more on download speed. On the other hand, fibre optic network operators give equal importance to both downloads and uploads and ensure there is no disruption at the time of uploading files. Therefore, making fibre broadband a much more attractive and faster option for those that upload lots of content.

  • Better web surfing

Having a faster internet connection means you will never encounter issues such as buffering or lagging while using the internet. Whether you want to send emails, attend Zoom meetings, watch your favourite movies or play games, with fibre broadband, your screen will never come to a halt. Additionally, even at peak viewing times, fibre optic cable is more efficient in handling higher traffic loads and can transmit data consistently at a faster speed.

  • Reliable

A fibre broadband connection is more reliable as it eliminates the electromagnetic interference which is common in copper wire cables. In a fibre optic cable, there is no cross-connection between two different fibre optics. This means information can pass from one point to another without any distortion. As fibre broadband does not need an electrical connection, it is also not susceptible to power outages. This means, as long as your fibre optic cable is intact, there will be an uninterrupted flow of internet to your home or office.

  • Stronger

In comparison to copper wires, fibre optics are stronger and sturdier. Fibre optics are not vulnerable to different weather conditions, whereas, copper cables are more likely to get damaged. Potentially stopping the transmission of data in harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. Since fibre optics use light as its source of data transmission, it is resistant to interference caused by weather, human or electrical issues.

  • Enhanced security

Due to the growing use of the internet, hackers are more likely to target internet cables to steal information or send malicious content to the connected computers. A fibre optic cable can save you from any such encounter. Any incidence of hampering the fibre optic cable will cause the signal to disappear. As it is not possible to physically cut the fibre optics in a cable, no hacker can penetrate into your connection.

  • Works well with multiple devices

As most homes and offices are equipped with multiple smart devices, there is an increase in the need for a fast and secure internet connection. Fibre broadband offers a steady signal to all the devices connected to it. It has a higher bandwidth and can be connected to multiple computers, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices such as televisions, thermostats or other appliances all at once.

  • Future proof

Fibre broadband is a long-term solution to all your internet needs. Since devices powered by the internet are continuously evolving, they are expected to get faster and more efficient in the future. Fibre optics are made with the changing internet needs of these devices in mind so your internet connection can keep up with you and your tech. Without changing your connection, you can increase the data transmission capacity of your fibre broadband to handle any advancement in your devices.

  • Proven technology

Although fibre broadband is a relatively new concept, the technology has been here for several years. Before the era of the internet, fibre connections played a major role in global communication. This make fibre infrastructure superior to any other internet network.

  • Expert support

Fibre optic network providers have a dedicated team of experts to provide round-the-clock expert support to all their users. For any issue, you can get in touch with your service provider and get it resolved immediately. There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem that takes a while to resolve. This ensures that there is no loss of productivity and all your devices run smoothly without any interruption.

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