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What is Data Scientist? – Definition, Differences, Qualities And More (2023)

What is Data Scientist? – Definition, Differences, Qualities And More (2023)

Definition Data Scientist

They have generated new professions that require employees with skills in various fields such as mathematics, programming, data analysis, etc. And one of the most attractive professional profiles of this 21st century is the Data Scientist.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientist is a professional profile that translates the large volumes of available information known as Big Data, and that comes from all kinds of massive sources of information and converts them into responses. They work in any business and industry to obtain reliable answers to everyday problems, such as knowing what the best time to buy a plane ticket, predict the tastes of users, and show the best option or find out if a person may be at risk of suffering from an illness is.

These people have excellent mathematical and statistical knowledge and also master statistical software and programming and mass data analysis systems such as machine learning. It is also necessary that they control the technology and the databases to be able to bring changes and improvements.

What difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?

To understand the difference, we must first understand what the concept of Big Data means is. It refers to systems that are capable of handling large amounts of varied data at high speed. There are four concepts known as the “V” that explain the basis of Big Data: volume, speed, variety, and truthfulness.

A Data Scientist will not only obtain data from a single source as a traditional data analyst would. But you must extract and examine multiple data and be able to have a broad and global view of the problem. Of course, without excluding any solution as strange or crazy as it may seem. The data speak for themselves.

Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Tasks of a Data Scientist is not only based on extracting data but also knowing how to value it. That is why he usually follows a work methodology:

  • Extract data, regardless of source or volume.
  • Data cleaning
  • process the data using statistical methods.
  • Redesign the data, if necessary.

Besides, to continue exploring new sources of information, give value to data, and find fresh ideas through Big Data.

What qualities do you need to be a Data Scientist?

You have to have an excellent capacity for learning. You must be creative and be prepared to establish trust between members of different departments in addition to being an excellent communicator to convince your ideas and have a business vision successfully.

It is essential that you have a computer, mathematical, and statistical knowledge to learn to code, create hypotheses, understand and compare different models, play with probability, and solve various calculations.

What do companies believe about the Data Scientist profile?

Many companies already have a Data Scientist among their staff or some with even more than one. It is one of the professional figures booming and challenging to find because it must have many qualities and very specific. But companies like Amazon, American Express, Caixabank, among others, have already opted for this profile.

For example, CaixaBank has already opted for Big Data and has strengthened its commercial and management department. The company believes in digital banking and will be one of its most significant projects in the coming years.

What is the salary of a Data Scientist?

The interpretation of data is of vital importance for the companies for being Data Scientist is a work with the future and well paid. Also, other reports, such as Glassdoor, place it among the 20 highest paid jobs.

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