Streamers and Podcasts For Your Favorite Hobbies

As most people in the younger demographic have already realized, streaming and online content is the way of the future. Just as radio once held prominence, the television is quickly going by the wayside in exchange for a more direct and personalized experience. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are quickly gaining steam, showing that the interest in streamers is real. The best part about this world is that, regardless of what your hobbies are, you are guaranteed to find a streamer that caters to your interests. Here are some of the best streamers and podcasts in a variety of different niches.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a hobby for the most passionate sports fans. For them, nothing is better than predicting an upcoming match as they pour over statistics and historical data. Of course, they normally play with their friends in a big league and thus there is pride on the line. Listening to streamers give their insight helps give fantasy sports players a leg up on the competition. One great source to check out is Fantasy Focus Football, a podcast run by ESPN fantasy experts who share their strategies along with the latest news, rumors, and injury reports.


Poker as a streaming niche has really blown up in recent years. While there are many budding channels, the pros have said that the best content being made right now comes from the French team behind Dans la Tête d’un Pro, or “In The Mind of a Pro.” No one else gives you such an exclusive look into the world of a pro player, grinding out hands and sharing their strategies.

For those who are just starting out as well as veterans looking to gain an edge, these streamers provide invaluable information.

Video Games

To even begin discussing video game streaming is an arduous task. This is one category that has been growing for almost two decades. Video game streamers make up the bulk of content creators on Twitch, a popular streaming service. Viewers may watch for any number of reasons ranging from entertainment, to learning new tips and tricks to help them become better players as well. There are tens of thousands of video game streamers in the world, but some worth checking out are Ninja, Tfue, and Shroud for general gaming. If you are more interested in retro gaming, collectibles, speedrunners or any of the other countless niches, you should certainly have no shortage of options to check out.

Video Games


Cooking is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. You will certainly be cooking for as long as you live, so why not build on top of your skills and really enjoy yourself? HappyChefTV is an entertaining and energetic culinary wizard that shows you how to create everything from big roasts to classic desserts.

For those looking to get into streaming, cooking is a good niche to consider. Most people already have the assorted pots and pans they need, so you would just have to make sure you have the live streaming essentials. If you have some recipes that you think are worth sharing, why not give it a shot?


Chess is having a renaissance online that is driven by a wave of young enthusiasts. If you are looking to brush up on your chess skills, try checking out the Chessbrah streamers. This group is made up of several college-aged grandmasters and a few older super GMs who make a regular appearance. They have plenty of regular tournaments for their viewers and lots of giveaways as well.


While entrepreneurship and building businesses might not necessarily be a “hobby” per se, for some people it is their entire life. For anyone who has an interest in this but doesn’t know where to get started, there are tons of streamers and content creators online that are good sources for information, whether it is the latest in business trends or just something to help you get into the mindset you need to be in. Love them or hate them, people like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez know a thing or two about the business world and are worth checking out.