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Tips to Stay Healthy as a Student in Hyderabad [2024]

Tips to Stay Healthy as a Student in Hyderabad [2024]


Stay Healthy as a Student – Being a student in Hyderabad is a rollercoaster of an experience. From attending your classes, to joining different extracurricular societies, to starting internships to managing your social life, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And at the same time, you have to look for 1 BHK flats for rent in Hyderabad, manage your own money, learn to organize your schedule and a whole lot more.

Kudos to you for being able to pull it all together. But in the middle of this rush, you might notice something falling by the wayside. And that’s your health. Because with all this activity, it’s only natural for you to miss a few meals, or pull a few all-nighters. But that’s not okay, because it can actually be really detrimental to your health and make it difficult for you to feel your best in college. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of tips to help you stay healthy in college. Take a look!

Rethink your attitude

What’s stopping you from being your healthiest self, right now? If you think about it, you might find that you do want to be healthy as long as that goal of good health is in the future. And that’s the problem. As long as you think of health and fitness as being long term outcomes, you’re going to deprioritize and procrastinate on them.

Instead, you need to rethink that attitude and be able to see the immediate results of healthy habits. Don’t think about the eventual weight loss that exercising regularly will lead to instead think of it as an immediate stress buster and mood booster that will improve your concentration and energy levels. This can motivate you to be a lot more conscious about health and healthy living.

Eat right, not less

If you’re someone who thinks health = diet, you need to think again. Reducing the amount of food that you eat drastically might help you drop a few kilos, but it won’t be sustainable, and moreover it’ll negatively impact your mood and your mental and physical health. Instead, you need to focus on eating the right things.

Swap greasy takeaways for light and home cooked food, replace fried snacks with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and swap your sugar loaded juices and coffees with natural drinks like coconut water. These will keep you well fed and hydrated and healthy at the same time. So, you don’t have to feel guilty every time you take a bite.

Don’t ignore your mental health

One of the big factors that leads to so many college students becoming unhealthy or falling ill a lot is because of the tendency to ignore your mental health. The truth is that college is stressful, and when you’re moving to Hyderabad to attend it, you’re leaving behind your familiar safe space and entering a new world. And all of that can lead to a lot of anxiety and pressure.

At the same time, managing your classes, dealing with peer pressure and homesickness, all of this can seriously impact your mental health. So, it’s important that you take steps to improve your situation. Practice some mindfulness or self-care techniques that can help you feel calm and think clearly. Speak to your campus counsellor if you think you need support. Remember that there is no shame in asking for help, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need it. You’ll find it a lot easier to take care of yourself when you’re in a good headspace.

Create a routine

Incorporating the habits that we’ve listed above into your day once in a while is not going to have the effect you deserve. You need to ensure that they become a part of your daily routine in your 1 BHK for rent in Gachibowli. If that means rearranging your schedule a little bit, make sure that you do so. Because until you prioritise your health and lifestyle, it will be difficult for you to feel your best. Schedule time in the day for some physical exercise, set reminders for meal-times, and make sure that you take a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Stay Healthy as a Student by Investing in a planner so that you can remember all the tasks and responsibilities you have instead of procrastinating. This will help you stay punctual and complete your work on time, so that you can also sleep on time instead of pulling a panic fuelled all-nighter. Creating a healthy and sustainable routine for yourself is going to completely transform your college life in Hyderabad.

So, those are our top tips for staying healthy as a college student in Hyderabad. Keep them in mind throughout your campus years and you’re sure to emerge from this phase of your life a lot healthier and happier. Good luck!

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