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What is a fiber optic technician?

What is a fiber optic technician?

Fiber Optic Technician

In the vast majority of job offers offered for fiber optic technician, the functions that you have to perform are the same, and they are about:

  • Carry out fiber optic deployments.
  • Make user registrations.
  • Do fieldwork.
  • Develop and carry out network installations and maintenance.

Typically, a fiber optic installer performs registration and maintenance of both fiber optic and ADSL, for places where it has not yet reached. This worker performs the functions above in the home of the same clients, all of them merging, installing the necessary cables, and configuring the equipment so that it works perfectly.

Job description of fiber optic technician

Fiber optic technicians are also known as a fiber network technician. Fiber optic technicians can work in various buildings, from multi-story office buildings to small houses.

Troubleshooting and retaining all fiber optic systems in offices, homes, universities, etc.

  • Repairing old or broken wires and maintaining them.
  • Locate problem areas and fix them.
  • Generating sensors and conducting inspections to assure stabilized performance.
  • To do cabling fiber optic cables, underground and underwater.
  • Calculate the signal strength of television, telephone, and internet connections to ensure adequate performance.
  • Preparing and maintaining records. 

Certifications for fiber optic technician

If you want to be a fiber optic worker, you must have studies and knowledge related to electricity, electronics, computing, and telecommunications: whether they are intermediate or higher degrees of professional training, university degrees, courses, etc. Hiring a certified Fiber Optics Technician can make a  difference to your business. as a Freelance or full-timer, both have the potential to flourish well.

Necessary certifications for Fiber Optics Technician are ETA (Electronics Technician Association) and FOA CFOT.


According to Glassdoor, the top job site, the salary of a Fiber Optics Technician in the USA is $42,464 per year.

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