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Why to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

Why to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

Amazon Website Services (AWS) is one of Amazon’s subsidiaries. The Amazon Company’s Amazon Website Services (AWS) provides consumers, businesses, and governments with on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs. People who want to Sell on AWS Marketplace offer you all of these services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Businesses utilise Amazon Website Services (AWS) for a variety of services, including computation power, database storage, content distribution, and more. AWS assists enterprises and corporations in scaling and growing.


AWS consumers are more likely to trust software suppliers who are listed on the AWS Marketplace. Before a product is set to sell on AWS Marketplace, it is screened and validated by the AWS team, ensuring that consumers are purchasing AWS-approved items.

Pricing Options That Are Flexible

Software Suppliers may avoid developing a software deployment system and billing infrastructure by selling AMIs through AWS Marketplace, which may be invoiced hourly or monthly. While Cloud Protection Manager has a monthly subscription option, many other products, such as Big Data apps that generate computational workloads, prefer hourly payment. Customers are charged based on the kind and quantity of instances utilised in certain scenarios.

Try it for free.

Instead than constructing their own infrastructure for trials, companies using hourly-based pricing may deliver built-in free trials to their clients through AWS Marketplace. Customers are easily moved to the paying version when the free trial period expires.

Billing and Deployment

AWS Marketplace manages the deployment, invoicing, and collection of software items offered as AMIs on the platform and pays suppliers on a monthly basis. Not only do vendors that use and sell on AWS Marketplace save time and money by avoiding the hassles and expenses of these processes, but their customers also benefit from a familiar and simple invoicing procedure.

Convenient Delivery

Your programme is delivered to you via AWS as an easy-to-create AMI or SaaS. It also takes use of the opportunities for speedy deployment. When your product is pre-configured to operate on AWS, AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to deploy it in minutes.


AWS Marketplace as a management portal that aids in the development and analysis of your company. This site can also assist you with the promotion of your software. This is the most helpful perk for new AWS users. Many large businesses and corporations rely on Amazon Website Services (AWS). The reason for this is because of the capabilities and functions provided by the AWS Marketplace.

The Amazon Web Services marketplace is a secure cloud computing services platform that offers computational power, content delivery, database storage, and a variety of other features to help organisations develop and flourish.

In layman’s terms, the AWS marketplace enables you to perform the following:

– Store your files safely in the cloud and access them from anywhere in the globe.

– Hosting dynamic web pages and running applications and web servers in the cloud.

– Using the Content Delivery Network, you may quickly deliver dynamic and static content all over the world.

– Information is stored in controlled databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle.

– Send mass email to your users through the internet.

Final Note

AWS assists businesses with a variety of tasks, including game creation, app development, data processing, warehousing, and more. Firms and enterprises, on the other hand, will save time, money, and potential with the aid of AWS.

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