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Pro Computer Users: Why Choose Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Over iPad Pro

Pro Computer Users: Why Choose Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Over iPad Pro

There were times when people were thinking that tablets were almost useless since they were not portable enough to replace smartphones, and powerful enough to be used instead of laptops. Big tech companies convinced us that nothing is hopeless with those devices and that they can serve as independent gadgets on many occasions. This seems true and today, people have lots of options to go with, especially when they appreciate the convenience that tablets may provide.

In the battle between Apple and Samsung, it’s not all about smartphones, but also tablets where both companies offer outstanding computers and it’s hard to make the right choice. However, Samsung recently released the latest Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra which is just awesome with powerful technical characteristics and design. In this article, we are going to discuss several reasons why it can be a better choice than the iPad Pro.

For the record, we make the considerations based on the usage factor for professionals, as both companies like to advertise their high-end models. So, these are not for just reading a book or scrolling over the news, but mostly for work and pro activities. Let’s understand what the specifications are in this regard.

Larger Display for Arcade and Casino Gamers

The gaming industry is so big and has so many users that tech companies cannot help but consider the gaming experience as one of the priorities in the production phase. Galaxy Tab S9 is a great choice for several reasons but one of the most crucial necessities is the big screen, which is a part of literally every gaming activity.

Why? Technical specifications play a major role in smooth graphics, quality audio, etc. but not all gamers care about it. One big subcategory here is the gambling market with hundreds of thousands of users, and these people do not care much about high-end graphics. The reason is the nature of casino games, which mostly feature simple designs, and light graphics, and do require not strong processing power. It’s been a long time since cryptogames casino platforms particularly prioritize security and financial aspects more than offering stunning graphics, which are even unnecessary for games like poker or blackjack.

In fact, different games have different technical requirements but they all benefit from a bigger and brighter display which Tab S9 Ultra provides so generously. The 14.6” screen size is just unbelievable, and it’s bigger than even most MacBook computers. Holding it may feel heavy and unusual but it’s the beginning of the greatest gaming experience for pro players who spend several hours in front of the computer. Let’s mention for the comparison that the biggest iPad Pro has a 12.9” display.

iPad Pro Is Still Not a Computer, But the Tab S9 Ultra Is

You probably remember the famous slogan Apple used while introducing its latest iPad. It sounded like this: “Your next computer is not a computer”, and many tech reviews started criticizing this slogan. The reason is that the iPad is not a computer at all, since Apple constantly avoids the idea of running MacOS on iPads. Instead, it’s more like a big mobile experience, that doesn’t allow you to do a lot of things that usual computers do. This is why many users keep seeing a bold distinction between iPads and Macbooks, and obviously, Apple likes that distinction.

Unlike the iPad Pro, the Tab S9 Ultra is a more flexible computer, able to provide a full working experience. Besides the large display, it has a powerful processor, runs smoothly, and can handle different tasks thanks to the super-fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips. It’s powered by Android 13 but the One UI gives excellent capabilities to it, in terms of the user experience.

Tab S9 comes with a keyboard and a pencil, which means you buy a full computer for the price of around $1200. However, the iPad comes without the hardware necessary for being considered a computer, and if you buy those separately the Apple computer will cost you over $1500.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Pro tablet is already packed as a computer, whereas for the iPad Pro, you need to collect the necessary tools one by one, paying for each separately.

Lots of Applications Under Your Fingertips

Applications are a significantly big factor coming with any kind of computer. Although the market of app development is very diverse, it plays an important role in the age of digital transformation, and the same in the user experience, especially when it comes to tablets and smartphones.

The Galaxy App Store is a big marketplace with all the useful applications. In fact, Apple is very strict about allowing some applications in its App Store. Although this is a very good point regarding security measures, it sometimes may decrease the potential number of good apps that could bring value to your work. Samsung doesn’t build that strict barrier and thousands of apps are there ready to be integrated into your Galaxy Tab experience.

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