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Portable CD Players: They are Coming Back for a Reason

Portable CD Players: They are Coming Back for a Reason

Portable CD Players: They are Coming Back for a Reason

Thinks to the rapid development of technology today we have numerous ways to listen to our favorite songs. 30 years ago, the portable CD player made it possible to listen to our favorite CDs at any place at any time. After, that the invention of the MP3 player definitely made the end of portable CD players since more and more people turned to the new way to carry their music with them. However, things are starting to change thanks to some specific qualities popular portable CD players have compared to the iPod or MP3 player.

If you are interested in some popular portable CD players, James Longman from AudioReputation have done a great job reviewing some of the best portable CD players today.

So, what exactly is a CD player?

A CD player is a device designed to play audio CDs. Their primary purpose is audio playback, since they don’t have the capability to reproduce read video files. The two key parts of a CD player are:

  • transport – The mechanism which has the function to hold, spin and read the CD.
  • DAC (digital-to-analog converter) – used to convert digital signal to analog audio signal.

If you are interested

How do portable CD players work?

Generally, the portable CD player delivers the signal through the output headphone or RCA jack. Here are some of its key features. They have buttons to control the tracks in terms of playing and pausing, rewinding back and forward. They also have LCD screen to note the name and duration of the song, how much battery you have left and so on.

They primarily work on optical technology and a CD is being used to store the data the portable CD player need to read and play with the help of the built-in laser and light detector.

When you want to listen to music using your portable CD player, you simple insert the CD and press the PLAY button. When you do that, an electric motor will start up and spin the CD at about 500 rpm. The light detector switches the built-in laser on and reads the data. After that the laser will reflect the bumps on the surface of the CD and the headphones or earbuds convert the electric current and laser scans into sound.

Portable CD player: Why do you need one?

If you are planning to buy another piece of audio equipment you may take a portable CD player into account. Here are some of the reasons why you should do this.

Sound quality is way better

When it comes to sound quality CD players are at the very top. When you listen to your music at high volumes there are no audio problems, mainly because of the built-in bass-improving system. You simply get the CD-like quality audio delivered to your headphones or earbuds.

They are very portable

Depending on the design and version, the CD player can be quite compact in size. Of course, the size is limited to the size of a CD so it won’t go below that. However, this makes them quite portable making it possible to carry your music with you all the time. And also if you need to store your portable CD player somewhere, you will see how little space it takes.

Excellent battery life

The battery life of most high-quality CD players is extraordinary. There are several power options so you can use the CD player even when the battery is completely empty. Batteries or an AC adaptor are there to help you.

You can create your own playlists

You listening experience can be drastically enhanced hanks to the option to customize your playlist. You can also use your computer to burn your own playlist on a CD. Only one CD will provide hours and hours of audio pleasure.


When you compare the C with LPs or tapes, they are much more durable and will keep the data stored for a much longer period of time. Of course, they can be damaged easily, but if you take proper care of them you will be able to use them for quite a long. Additionally, CD repair kits are affordable and easy to get so if needed repairing a scratched CD isn’t a problem.

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