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Complete guide: Buying a new laptop battery

Complete guide: Buying a new laptop battery

Complete guide: Buying a new laptop battery

Having a laptop without a good battery is like storing a brand new Lamborghini in the garage but not having gasoline for it. The end result is quite the same – you have a costly toy that you can’t use properly.

The good news here is that laptop batteries are easy to replace with new ones when they die. The only tricky part is to find out the right battery for your laptop. If you write “laptop battery” in Google you will get more than 3 million results. This is a huge amount of information. On the one hand, having such a large choice is good for anyone who needs a new battery for their laptop, but, on the other hand, it can cause serious confusion. So it is good to know what to look for when buying a new laptop battery.

Battery compatibility

Firstly it comes to battery compatibility. You need to figure out which battery is the right one for you. The best way to tackle this problem is to have your old battery Product number. It is written on every laptop battery but it could have a different configuration depending on the brand of the laptop. For example if you are searching for a new battery for your MacBook the battery product number looks like this – AXXXX (A1322, A1321, A1245). If you need a new battery for your old Dell laptop – the product number you need to find could be a combination of numbers and letters or only numbers. For example J1KND or 312-0235. The product numbers of Toshiba laptop’s batteries look like this: PAXXXX-XXXX (PA3534-1BRS).

Replacement battery. What to consider?


Once you find your new battery using the old one product number it is a good idea to consider the capacity you will need. The capacity of the battery determines the size of “its tank”. The higher the capacity of a battery, the longer your laptop will work with it before it needs to be recharged. Battery capacity is measured in amperes. It is most commonly used as a unit of milliampere (mAh) or watt hours (Wh). Note that 1000 mAh is the same as 1 Ah.

When buying a battery, you need to consider what your needs are. If your laptop has high power consumption, you use it often outside the office or home and at medium or high load, it is best to get a battery with a higher capacity. However, if you use your laptop mainly for work at home or on the desk in the office, then a battery with a smaller capacity would do the job.


Voltage is another parameter to keep in mind when you want to buy a new battery for your laptop. Over 90% of available laptops currently operate at voltages between 7.2V and 14.8V. It is important to check the specific voltage of your laptop. It is always marked on the battery itself. It is not a problem to have a small difference in voltage. For example, 10.8V and 11.1V are basically the same voltage. However, it is not recommended to try to use a 7.2V battery with a laptop that runs at 14.8V or vice versa.


Warranty is another important component to keep in mind when buying a new battery. Make sure the dealer from whom you plan to buy your new battery provides a minimum 12-month warranty, and can also ensure that the capacity written on the battery matches the actual one. A tolerance of no more than 2-3% is considered normal.

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