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OSRS [Role-playing Game] – Some of the most valuable items in OSRS

OSRS [Role-playing Game] – Some of the most valuable items in OSRS

OSRS – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

Ever since the early days of Runescape, there have been items that everyone has coveted. Originally, items that were only available at certain events took the top spot in the valuable item charts. Due to the limited number of these items, owning one was a symbol of wealth and prestige. Currently, in OSRS, the most valuable items are ones that are actually valuable to playing the game. Items that give the user an incredible boost to stats are the most desired.

Unfortunately, some of these items have a price tag that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. For casual-intermediate players, owning one can seem like a bit of a dream. This is especially true for those who have a bank account that is less than impressive. To own these items you are going to need to spend a huge amount of time farming money. Alternatively, if, like us, you would rather enjoy the game as much as possible without hours of farming flax, you can purchase gold for the game at an incredibly cheap price. (Our favourite site to buy osrs gold is Probemas)

So what are the most valuable items currently in the game?

1: Twisted Bow: 1.1B

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for, the most valuable item in OSRS. The Twisted Bow. This bow was released in 2017. Ever since that moment, all rangers alike have drooled over this ridiculous rocket launcher of a weapon. Not only does this bow look absolutely fantastic, but it also provides anyone who wields it with un-rivaled ranged power. It requires 75 ranged to wield and comes with the ability to be nocked with any type of arrow.

This bow also has an unbelievable side effect. The higher your opponent’s magic level, the harder your arrows hit. Allowing you to hit up to a staggering 89 in PVP and 250 against bosses and monsters. Unfortunately, a weapon this strong has to have a price tag to match its power, and It does. If you want to be the owner of a twisted bow, you are going to have to find 1.1billion gold, that’s 1100000000 gold.

2: Elysian Spirit Shield

If you prefer the tank lifestyle, wading into hordes of monsters and laughing as their puny attacks bounce off your impenetrable armour, the Elysian Spirit Shield was made for you. As the second most expensive item in the game, costing an incredible 641M, this shield is definitely not for the weak of heart and wallet. Created by combining an Elysian Sigil with a Spirit shield, it requires 75 defense and prayer just to pick up. Whilst wielding this godly shield, you gain a 70% chance to reduce incoming damage by 25%.

They do say that a great defense is the best offense after all.

3: The Ancestral Robe Set – 221M

If you are a magician that seeks style and power, these are the robes for you. This set of robes is found in the Chamber of Xeric. Requiring 75 magic and 65 defense, they will provide you with some impressive stat increases. The whole set will boost your magic accuracy by +69 and your magic damage by +61.

Although individually the items are not in the top 5 most expensive items, the whole set will set you back 221M.

If you are a mage, who is tired of being teased over your womanly robe attire, purchase a set of these and watch your victims melt under hellfire and fury.

4: Kodai Wand : 105M

If you are a master of magic, you need a wand to bring forth your chaos and destruction. Requiring a 75 magic level this wand will provide you with some mighty stat increases if you can get your hands on one. You will immediately gain a +75 to your magic skill and a +5% to your stackable damage. You also get unlimited water runes and a 15% chance to make your spells cost 0 runes. The drawback, at 105M, it is rather expensive.

If you are looking for a wand to make the Elder wand look like a toothpick, look no further.

If you idolize Legolas from Lord Of The Rings like I do, this is going to be the closest you are going to get.

Well, there you have it, if like me, your OSRS bank account is as empty as it is in real life, we can only look at these items and dream. If you own these items, congratulations, you are the envy of us all.

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