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How to Conduct Online Tests Effectively
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How to Conduct Online Tests Effectively

Online Tests Effectively

Online education is like a rising tide. It is going to lift all boats.”

Virtual classrooms and online education have redefined the ways of teaching. The above-mentioned quote stands true because online education is definitely the way of the future. While teachers and tutors have accepted online education, they are still skeptical about online tests and online exams. This can be due to many reasons, the difficulty to evaluate the tests, the hassle of reminding the students, security concerns, and likewise. This article will help you understand how to

Today, let’s take a look at how to conduct online tests effectively and without any hassle.

Choose a Secure Platform to Conduct The Tests

The most important thing while you conduct online tests is to choose the platform wisely. For instance, Teachmint is an online teaching platform that has an online test feature. Teachers can choose whether the test should be subjective or objective. The grading is automated if it is an objective, MCQ test. Subjective tests can be graded through the app itself. The teachers can then share feedback and comments if any and the students will be notified about the same. The important thing is that you shouldn’t have to juggle multiple apps to conduct an online test. Choosing a holistic platform is the way to go.

Explain The Process to Your Students

Quite often, students are not aware of the proceedings and they are confused about how to save the test, submit the test, and likewise. In order to ensure that such mishaps do not happen, explain what they have to do thoroughly. Conduct a mock test if needed so that they get a clear understanding of what they should and shouldn’t do. As mentioned above, choosing the right platform will help to bring down havoc and hassles. Teachmint is super easy to understand and hence, the students won’t have to worry about not understanding the platform. People with zero technical knowledge can figure out the platform, it is that simple.

Set Reminders

Another issue that pops up when it comes to online exams and online tests is that students forget about it when they are not reminded. This happens during traditional classes as well. How do you curb this issue? By sending reminders. Teachmint sends real-time notifications when a test is created and before the test starts so that students don’t forget to attend the tests.

Be Pro-Active

Since online tests and online exams are largely dependent on network connectivity, make sure to anticipate some technical issues. Have a backup plan in hand and tell your students what they should do in case of such issues. This will help to wipe off any disturbances and problems. When students know what to do when they face an issue, it helps them to remain calm and composed and will in turn help them perform better in the online test.

Collect Feedback

It is essential to gather feedback from students and understand what their troubles were if any and what changes they would want to see in the upcoming online tests. This will help you to alter the methods accordingly. Alternately, you can also do a trial run by yourself so that you also know what are the hurdles and hindrances.

Online tests and exams can be made effective and efficient by ensuring that you follow simple steps. The most important thing, as mentioned, is to choose the right online platform to host the test. The right platform will help to keep everything under control starting from creating the test to evaluating the test and giving feedback. When you choose the platform wisely, you have ample enough time to sort the other things out.

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