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Are Online Casinos Sweeping Out Brick-and-Mortar ‘Houses’?

Are Online Casinos Sweeping Out Brick-and-Mortar ‘Houses’?

Online Casinos Sweeping Out Brick-and-Mortar ‘Houses’ – A decade ago, it was quite easy to answer this question, and it’s even easier now. Yes, Online casinos are sweeping out their brick and mortar counterparts. That is not to say that such land-based operations may completely vanish; the surviving ones would be those that offer experiences outside their gambling operations. Think Vegas: a good weekend/holiday there would be exciting, but if you simply want to gamble, would you travel miles for that when you could lay on your bed, play free spins no deposit win real money in Canada? We don’t think so, and that’s one of the reasons the online enterprises are thriving at the detriment of land-based casinos. Here are some other reasons why the sweep is set to continue.


We can look at profitability from the lens of both player and house. A land-based casino would require a physical location (a big physical location) to go along with its software and licensing costs. The location would need to be maintained, and licensing, in this case, would include more than gaming alone (alcohol and other licenses relevant to their operations). The point we are trying to make is that the costs of setting up and maintaining a brick and mortar gambling enterprise are astronomical compared to that of an online casino. For this reason, online outfits keep springing up to steal more of the market share from land-based casinos. The low operational costs go a long way to making them more profitable.

From the perspective of the players, not much changes in terms of gameplay. However, there are more games available to you with less movement. You get to play games without the delays you may experience at the tables of a land-based casino. This means that your time is more efficiently used to have fun, make money or both. In addition to the ease of access, there are also numerous types of bonuses that all work to your benefit one way or another. Basically, players have more time and more opportunities to try out more games.

Promotions and Bonuses

We briefly mentioned bonuses, but a single mention can’t possibly explain the amount of difference it makes. Brick and mortar casinos can’t match what online casinos can offer in terms of promotions. This is because of the breadth of information available to the online operations. By tracking the activities of players, they can design promos and bonuses to entice said players. They have taken their promotional activities to new levels, using bonuses as a marketing tactic to draw in new customers as well. The online gambling space is currently a boom of enticing offers that players struggle to ignore, and land-based casinos cannot hope to match.

A few examples of such bonuses include:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses

Diversification and Expansion of Operations

In the days when online casinos didn’t exist, land-based casinos were restricted by infrastructural factors. They couldn’t offer as many variations of games as they would have liked, and, in some cases, this was simply an excuse to play the variation of a game that had the highest house edge. Online gambling operations do not have such problems, and they offer a multitude of games and variations of games. The number of casino games is still growing. In fact, their operations have started to extend towards sports betting as well. Sports betting has always been very lucrative, and gambling operations are starting to combine it with regular casino games. This has the combined effect of satisfying an even wider range of potential gamblers while further increasing profitability.

The diversification has also included more adoption of technology than land-based casinos. The tech-intensive approach has introduced even more fairness to games. There are also more flexible banking options to choose from, including:


The tricks of land-based casinos are well-known. From the lighting through the positioning of games to drowning players in a sea of liquor, they do all it takes to loosen the purse strings of players even more than they already are. Online casinos forego all of such tricks by taking their operations virtual. In exchange, players flock to them because of the extra convenience of playing within an environment of your own choosing. Wear anything you want, in whichever room you choose and play whatever game you want. That’s why they keep getting more popular.

The ‘environment’ advantage can also be extended to include customer service options. In land-based casinos, there is no attention paid to a learning curve, and most of your instructions would be given by dealers at tables. Any lack of understanding would result in a loss of money while you learn. You could simply opt to watch instead of play, but those tables are usually crowded enough to make standing and learning difficulties. In comparison, an online casino usually has dedicated customer support to help players with whatever issues they might have. In summary, they are more suitable for a beginner than their brick and mortar rivals. To know more about jackpots, read how Fonz Collection goes for a bundle.

Easy Acclimatization

Back in the day, if you had never gambled before and were visiting a casino for the first time, you were fresh meat. You would be launched directly into the deep end, and the casino would have a field day counting your money out of your hands. Today, online casinos would draw you in with free spins and bonuses to get you through your first few games. While many find themselves attempting to be profitable on such bonuses, wagering requirements prevent such dreams from becoming a reality most of the time. However, the bonuses can help you get accustomed to the games and to the casino’s interface as a whole. If you use your bonuses, free spins and trial run well, you might even develop a good strategy for enjoying your game of choice before putting any real money down.


In the spirit of openness, we wouldn’t keep any information from you. Land-based casinos have their own advantages over online operations. Some of those advantages include tighter regulations, hitch-free payouts etc. As such, the better choice for every gambler would depend on their particular situation and preference. We are simply providing a couple of reasons why online casinos are becoming more popular, and we hope you take note.

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