Online And Offline Advertising After The Corona Crisis

After the corona crisis many things will change regarding advertising. As soon as the stores reopen and the public is allowed to go everywhere again, many things will change, also regarding the advertising that companies will do. In recent years online advertising has been very popular. After the corona crisis this will most likely continue, but there will be some changes in the market.

Offline advertising will become more popular than it has been in recent years. As soon as everything opens up, people will want to go outside again and physically visit stores. A large part of the public needs physical experiences like going to the stores again, therefore offline advertising will become more and more important.

What should you think of when advertising offline?

Offline advertising can take different forms. The most accessible forms of offline advertising are posters, flyers and banners. These are resources that are used by many companies and stores and are therefore not distinctive. It is more interesting to look at resources that are not widely used and to distinguish yourself as a company with these. Below are a number of resources that make offline advertising just a bit more exciting and interesting. Many companies move or renovate during this time. During these moves or renovations they often use construction hoardings, an interesting opportunity to show your company to the potential customer! If you print your company logo and a text on a fence cloth (translation: bouwhekdoek) you can show everyone that your company is located there.

But you are not moving or renovating and still want to give your company offline exposure? Then you can print mouth guards (translation: mondkapjes bedrukken), for example. Even when the stores reopen, many places will probably continue to have a mouth mask requirement. If you as a company get your own mouth caps printed and hand them out to employees to begin with, this will ensure that brand awareness of your company skyrockets. Once you have done this, you can also start handing out or selling mouth guards to (potential) customers. The more people walking around with your mouthguards, the more people will see it. This form of earned media ensures that you do not have to work so hard to make your company better known, because other people will do this for you.

Offline advertising is on the rise again and it is important that you, as a business, get on board. Customers miss the physical aspect of online ads.

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