Co-browsing tools have changed the fate of contact centers and sales teams. This tool is highly impressive with a broad range of applications.

This modern tool can transform a company’s website from a static web-based brochure into an interactive sales tool when used in a sales environment. Your sales crew can use this tool embedded on the website to provide assistance to customers and help them shop in real-time.

Not sure if you should be using a co-browsing tool on your website? Check out these benefits for an eye-opening experience:

It’s the X-Factor of Customer Service

Co-browsing is a way for businesses to set themselves apart from their competition. In the future, concepts like empathy will be critical to running a successful customer support business. Because 89 percent of businesses compete solely on the basis of customer service quality, themes like empathy become evident differentiating factors. Co-browsing gives businesses a competitive advantage by allowing them to engage more deeply with their customers and display greater empathy.

It Reduces the Sales Cycle

Customers can easily move from your website to your competitor’s site to search for the best offer, price, service, or solution. A typical modern consumer journey includes several touchpoints across multiple platforms. Websites, webchat, and then telephone are three of the most popular options.

Co-browsing brings these formerly distinct channels together into one. Salespeople can better answer queries, direct consumers to the right information, and answer any question that they might have. In short, with this tool, you can ensure that your customer stays on your website until have completed the sales cycle.

It Boosts Customer Experience

If you have come and read us this far, we don’t need to tell you how important customer experience is. Of course, the more difficult issue is figuring out how to truly improve your client experience. 95 percent of customers say they would welcome slower service if it meant better service quality. Co-browsing is the perfect tool for providing high-quality, relevant customer care right where it’s needed the most: on your website.

This tool reduces customers’ efforts. At the point of interaction with the client, the support agent can quickly determine the issue and then take control of the customer’s screen. The agent can tailor his or her service to the needs of the consumer. In short, customer effort is reduced using visual engagement solutions, which increases their satisfaction.

Improved Customer Engagement

‍omnichannel experience is the future. According to a recent PwC survey, the number of companies investing in omnichannel assistance has increased from 20 percent to 80 percent. This type of support can be used to maximize the co-impact. Companies can surpass the competition by incorporating co-browsing into an omnichannel platform. If you are planning to boost customer engagement through an omnichannel experience, a co-browsing tool can be of assistance!

It Lets You Show, Not Tell

Rather than wasting time instructing customers how to fix their problems, co-browsing lets agents show the customer how it’s done. Agents can move their mouse over the customer’s browser, highlight facts, and make the complicated procedure even simple by sharing the screen.

Spotting UX Issues Become Easier

Co-browsing can even help customer support agents identify UX issues that your IT team may have missed.

You can notice problems right away and inform the customers that there is an ongoing issue that will require a special resolution. By acting promptly, you can minimize customer frustration and boost your response rate.

An Opportunity to Up-Sell

Regardless of how detailed your website is, it must have all of the information your customer needs to complete the purchase. They could need your assistance at any time while they are browsing. Using a modern co-browsing tool, you can give notes to your customer while they are browsing your website.

While you’re at it, you can show them excellent product alternatives, tell them about the specific terms and conditions, and encourage them to buy more than what they had intended to.

Improved Team Productivity

Co-browsing can also assist your staff to become more productive and improve customer service KPIs. It removes everything that irritates both your consumers and your workers – miscommunication, and guesswork. This will free up time for your call center agents, allowing them to take on more inquiries since live chat agents will be assisting via the co-browsing tool.