One of the most popular betting options is a betting application. They have many features. And today we will speak about the Melbet gambling app for mobile devices.

Melbet Company

Melbet is one of the biggest betting companies in the world. They provide online betting and gambling opportunities worldwide including in India. This top-class betting company offers gamblers different features and options which are also done very well. A wide variety of betting options and sports to bet on is not the only thing about Melbet. They also provide customers with all the necessary features to enjoy gambling everywhere. For example, their mobile betting application on!

Melbet Betting App

As one of the top-rated companies Melbet also has a betting application for mobile devices. It allows people from all over the world to enjoy gambling wherever they are. The most beautiful thing about this app is that everything you need to start betting is an Internet connection and a Melbet account. This app will be a perfect solution for gamblers who want to place bets outside their house or for those who are too busy to use desktop devices. It will also be perfect for those who do not have a PC or a laptop but still wants to enjoy gambling. And now let’s speak about the main advantages of the Melbet betting application!

Melbet Betting App Advantages

This betting application is provided by a world-class betting company. And that is why there are plenty of different features and options that gamblers like. Mobile apps should also satisfy different conditions. So let’s consider what features and advantages has this application in detail!


The first thing that every gambler sees after downloading a mobile betting application is its interface. It is also one of the main factors in points. If the interface is done poorly then nobody will use the app. In the case of the Melbet betting application, the interface is perfect. It has all the necessary functions that every gambler needs.

The interface of the Melbet betting application is user-friendly and it is very important for betting apps to have such an interface. Some of them are overloaded with different sections and banners. In this case, we can see that the interface is excellent. Every new user will be able to explore all the features and options and it will not take a lot of time.

The interface is also done very well and has pleasant colors and great design. It is good-looking and it is also crucial for betting apps to have good colors and design. If a gambler uses a mobile betting application every day or even uses it at night the colors should be pleasant to the eye. If the design is not good then there is no joy in using such an app. Overall the interface of the Melbet application looks good!

There is also another very important thing for the betting application’s interface. It must work well and fast. The interface should not have any lags or freezers and obviously any bugs that will disturb gamblers’ comfort. The Melbet betting application was created by a professional team of developers and app designers which makes it the perfect application for gamblers!

Betting Options and Features

The next very important point about mobile betting applications is how many features for gamblers they have. It is crucially important to provide customers with a wide variety of different betting options and opportunities. There will be no matter to use the app if it has poor functionality. The perfect app should include all the same betting options which are available on the website.

The Melbet betting application is completely fulfilling this point. The app was done by a big betting company and there are plenty of different features and options for gamblers. They are also similar to website opportunities. It means that every user of the Melbet betting application will be able to use all the betting options available.

The list of betting and gambling opportunities includes deposits and withdrawals, sports betting, ESports betting, live betting, customer support service, live casino, push notifications, and others. All these features create perfect opportunities for online gambling using the Melbet betting application.


It is not a secret that the perfect betting app should also be accessible and available for almost every customer. That is because gamblers will previously check if they can install the app. Mobile betting applications should be free for all and available for both platforms – Android and IOS. It is also very important to make low system requirements.

The Melbet betting application perfectly matches these points. Firstly, it is free and everyone can install it. Secondly, the application is available for Android and IOS. it also has a large list of supported devices. For IOS users the app is available for iPhones beginning with iPhone 5S and finishing with the latest versions. The app is also available for iPads. For Android users, the list of smartphones is very large and includes Xiaomi Mi 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei P8 Lite, and others. In general, the list of devices is large.

Talking about system requirements the Melbet betting app also shows perfect results. For example, the application size is only 175MB and the APK-File size is about 40MB. The acceptable Andoird version is 4.2 and higher and for IOS users the minimal version is IOS 12 or later. There are also similar system requirements for both platforms. The processor should have at least 1.4 GHz and your smartphone should also have only more than 1GB of RAM. These characteristics make the Melbet betting application completely available!\

Promotions and Bonuses

Every mobile betting application should also provide users with all the necessary options to claim bonuses and participate in different promotions. The Melbet betting applications have tons of different promotions and bonus systems and here they are!

  • Welcome deposit bonus. At the Melbet app, this bonus can be got only once. This bonus is strictly allowed to be claimed only once per every IP and personal information. The bonus will be 100% of your first deposit and can be up to ₹8.000!
  • Free bets. At  Melbet, you can get this bonus after the first bet you will make but there are some terms and conditions. This bet must be at least ₹800 on 1.5 odd. After completing that task, you will get ₹1.600 for a free bet.
  • Cashback bonus. In the Melbet betting application, you will be able to find very useful promotions which will help you to get back your money. It only works in accumulator bets and you will be able to have a 100% refund if you lose.
  • Loyalty program. For constant users of the Melbet gambling app, there is also one important promotion. It will take some time to join it but in the future, it will help you to save some money from your bets and it is excellent!

You will also find other promotions and bonuses in the Melbet application but these were the main ones. If you want to know more you check the official website or download the app!

How to Download the Melbet App?

The Melbet app download process is very simple for both platforms. It will take you not more than 5 minutes and here are the instructions!


Android users can install the Melbet application using the APK-File from the official website or simply find this app in Play Market. And here is how to download using APK-FIle.

  1. You will need to go to the Melbet official website and sign in to your account.
  2. Then you will need to go to the “Mobile App” section.
  3. Here, after choosing Android the downloading will start.
  4. The APK-File is safe so you can approve that downloading from an unknown source.
  5. After downloading the file you will have to install the app. Simply click on the downloaded file and push the “Install” button.


The only way to download the Melbet betting app on IOS devices is to install it via the App Store. You can find the app there by yourself. Or you can visit the Melbet official website and head to the “Mobile App” section. There you will need to choose the IOS system and after that, you will be redirected to the official page in the App Store. After that, you will simply need to install the app!

Overall Results

The Melbet betting application will be a perfect choice for those who want to start betting online using their smartphone. It has all the necessary features and abilities which will help. By downloading this app you will be able to enjoy every moment of gambling online!