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Mastering the Basics: A Guide to Indiana’s 90-Hour Real Estate Course

Mastering the Basics: A Guide to Indiana’s 90-Hour Real Estate Course

Are you looking to become a real estate agent in Indiana? If so, you will first need to get your real estate license to be a legally recognized real estate agent. One of the compulsory requirements for licensure as a real estate agent is to complete a 90-hour real estate course.

The Indiana real estate license course is crucial (even if it wasn’t required) because it will equip you with much of the essential knowledge and skills that you will need to be a success in the real estate field. The good thing is that you can choose to take the Indiana real estate pre-licensing course online or in a traditional classroom setting.

Because it is vital to understand the basics of the 90-hour real estate course, irrespective of the way you choose to take it, this piece sheds light on some of the essential things you need to know.

Understanding the 90-hour real estate course

The Indiana 90-hour real estate course is one of the mandatory requirements for aspiring real estate agents in Indiana. The course not only prepares the students for the pre-licensing exam but also equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the property market.

So, what does the real estate pre-licensing course in Indiana cover? It covers essential areas, including:

  • Real estate principles
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate practices
  • Financing
  • Ethics
  • Contracts

Tips for success in the 90-hour real estate course

Here are some tips that can help you succeed in the 90-hour real estate course in Indiana:

Choose the right course provider

For you to succeed in your Indiana real estate pre-licensing course, you need to select the right real estate school. As you choose a course provider, ensure that it is both accredited and approved by the Indiana Real Estate Commission and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). This is essential to ensure that the course fulfills all the educational requirements set by the state and will prepare you well for your licensing exam. Luckily, you don’t have to look far in your search for a reputable real estate school, because RealEstateU is one of the best online real estate course providers, and you can consider them.

Have a defined study schedule

When attending in-person real estate classes, the school program dictates what you study and at what time. However, when taking the Indiana 90-hour real estate pre-licensing course online, it is up to you to come up with a schedule of how to study.

You need to create a comprehensive study schedule that will help you cover the course materials thoroughly and in good time to be ready for the licensing exam. It is vital to set specific time slots during which you will study and cover all the areas. Also, set aside time for revision, practicing exam questions, having discussions with your fellow students, and other crucial activities.

Use the various resources

Besides the coursework study materials that the course provider may have given you, it is vital to explore other materials and make the most of them. These materials include online study notes, lecture videos, practice questions, and others. Also, engage in discussions both online and in-person with fellow students and seek clarification from your instructors on the areas that you may not be clear on.


The Indiana 90-hour real estate course is a crucial step in the process of gaining your real estate license, and you need to plan well and do all that it takes to succeed in it. Some tips that can help you include choosing the right course provider, creating a study schedule, and using the different resources at your disposal.

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