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Marketing Tools For Gym Studios

Marketing Tools For Gym Studios

Marketing Tools For Gym Studios

Regardless of the size of your gym, marketing is one of the most crucial parts of running your business. There are instances where you can get many subscribers through word of mouth. However, as the market gets more competitive, word of mouth might not be enough. Your fitness management business might need to use the tips shared below to get more clients.

#1. Email Marketing

Today, email marketing is not only meant for online entrepreneurs selling products and services online. Through weekly newsletters, you can target new clients by telling them about the existence of your business. When creating newsletters, you need to find convincing subjects for your email campaigns. Also, try to come up with content that is interesting and engaging. It is a great way to ensure that your email funnels do not hit a dead end once you release them to your subscribers. Try to be consistent with your email marketing campaign, and try to keep them relevant so that your readers always have a reason to open and click through them. Platforms like Mailchimp can help you plan your email funnels effectively.

#2. Offer Free Training Day

If you have a gym website, try to use it to create a landing page. You need to have fitness instructor software because you will let your clients use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to sign up and have one-on-one sessions with you. All established fitness studios have excellent personal trainers and fitness instructor software that they use to keep their clients engaged, and you can use the same. Personal trainers are responsible for the health and wellness of the clients by creating engaging fitness routines, supporting forms, and sharing athletic knowledge. As cited in an article and with representation across all 50 states, do you know that the best place to be a personal trainer is Boston?

If your clients use this method to sign up for free sessions with you, you will have a chance to tell them more about your gym studio. You can also encourage them to subscribe so that you have better reasons to keep working on your email funnels.

#3. Make Your Website User Friendly

Most clients turn to the internet when looking for the best gym studios such as Gymcatch to sign up for. This makes it a sure way to meet and engage a vast part of the market. Therefore, you need to have a website that is user-friendly in all possible ways. For instance, your website needs to be simple to navigate and available in the search engines. Also, make sure you mention the location of your gym studio, hours of operation, and the facilities available.

Your business should have a proper online booking system and studio management software so that your clients can sign up easily. Your scheduling software will help you avail yourself at the right time, when your online clients need to have a session with you.

#4. Google My Business

Google is currently one of the most-used search engines in almost every country. The only countries that don’t use the service extensively are China, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Czech Republic. If you are not in any of the locations mentioned above, then Google should be your most preferable tool for your omnichannel marketing needs. Here are some things you can do with Google My Business (GMB) pages:

  • You can collect review your business
  • People can easily find your address, phone number, hours and phone easily
  • Your gym studio will appear in local packs

If you have a complete Google My Business page, your business will appear in local search, hence placing you ahead of your competitors.

#5. Track Your Studio’s Marketing Campaigns

Business analytics is still a great way to evaluate your business and find areas that need to be tweaked. By tracking your studio’s marketing campaigns, you will know what works and what doesn’t. You might be using many marketing channels, but you still need to know which one is the most effective.

To solve this, consider setting up a goal tracking software to monitor the level of success achieved by each campaign. Work on setting your goals and then attach UTM tags to each link you share on social media. Without proper business analytics, you might miss out on important information about the overall performance of your business.

#6. Use Blog posts to Answer Questions Through Blogs

There are certain questions that clients tend to ask frequently. To attract many users, you want to answer those questions on your blog. It makes sense because these questions might be lingering in the minds of more readers than you think. To collect questions, your booking system should work perfectly. You can have this designed in the form of FAQs so that your blog appears orderly and professional.


Like any other online business, gym studios should have a good marketing plan. Consider using marketing services like Mailchimp to improve your chances of success in the gym business. In addition, you should pay attention to business analytics, fitness management, and omnichannel marketing tips. Gymcatch can also assist in ensuring that you know how best to handle your clients with the help of scheduling software. If you market your business well and use the tips we have shared above, you will have many subscribers within a short duration, and your company will thrive.

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