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Should You Change Up Your Marketing Strategy?

Should You Change Up Your Marketing Strategy?

Should You Change Up Your Marketing Strategy?

It’s tempting to get complacent about marketing, especially as your business is growing in other areas. Whether trying to update your advertising strategy yourself or turning to A Google Ads agency for help, reassessing a stagnant marketing campaign can do a lot for your bottom line. If your business isn’t reaching the right kinds of customers, it’s time to give your marketing department some fresh ideas. Here are some key ways to know that your ad strategy needs a fresh coat of paint!!

Timing is Everything

While it may seem counterproductive, some companies put marketing on the back burner. When making big changes or restricting the organization, it’s easy to forget about maintaining a connection with customers. This is especially true for businesses that don’t rely on third-party marketing solutions such as a Google Ads agency that is focused exclusively on maintaining effective advertising campaigns.

If it’s been at least 18 months since the company has taken a close look at its marketing strategy, it’s definitely time to take a closer look. It’s likely that prior methods that worked well in the past have become obsolete. Customers change, and so do your products and services, as well as those of the competition! Keeping the plan up-to-date will at least ensure that your marketing team knows what’s going on in the rest of the industry.

Changes in Trends

Keeping up with technological trends can feel like a full-time job. Leveraging those trends to help build your brand can be even more complicated, especially if you don’t already have a well-established digital footprint. Social media has become an integral part of most companies’ advertising plans, and taking advantage of those markets will give you access to a much broader audience. The most effective social media sources include:

  • TikTok
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Facebook Reels
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram Reels

Creating video marketing content on social media platforms will not only help get your brand recognized by a wider range of demographics, but it will also prevent your brand from appearing out of date.

Poor Metrics

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Ads is the wealth of data it provides. Tracking KPIs is easy with the right tools, allowing your marketing department to quickly spot where improvements can be made. A great Google Ads agency will keep your team in the loop and offer the chance to give input on key decisions. This lets you know that you can trust a third-party contractor to make the right choices when time is of critical importance.

Mobile Presence

Today most people get their information and entertainment from their phones. From schoolwork to shopping, there’s not much that can’t be done with mobile devices. If your company doesn’t have a well-functioning mobile site, it’s definitely time to reassess your marketing plan. There are three basic strategies for mobile optimization:

  • Mobile-Friendly: This option simply transforms your existing website into a more fluid mobile experience, leaving much of the style and framework intact.
  • Mobile-Optimized: Sites that are designed specifically for the mobile experience. The style will be dramatically different and geared toward the mobile user.
  • Responsive Sites: A mix of the other methods, this is a system that incorporates a mobile framework with a style that echoes a traditional desktop but is a more engaging experience.

Unlike other trends, mobile device use for traditional digital tasks is only going to become more commonplace. Neglecting the untethered user will leave your advertising team woefully unprepared to compete in the digital marketplace.

Budget Changes

Whether it’s a windfall of profits or a hit to the bottom line, financial fluctuations are times when it’s crucial to look at your marketing strategy. A large influx of cash may mean it’s time for your advertising team to broaden its scope to larger audiences. Dips in the budget may indicate you aren’t reaching the right people, limiting conversions by addressing the wrong demographics. A Google Ads agency can help you determine if you’re bidding too high on PPC options, too.

New Product Line

If your company is rolling out a new item or service, you’re going to want people to know about it. However, using tried and true methods may not excite the demographic that fits your product line. Your marketing strategy has to reflect your new offerings in ways that will dovetail with existing campaigns as well, creating a more unified brand on the advertising front.

Feel the Marketing Pulse

Creating and updating an advertising strategy means your company has to understand the world you’re trying to sell in. Using a Google Ads agency is a great way to keep your teams up to date with the latest trends. They can also help your company create a marketing campaign that both fits your budget and reaches the right audience. It’s time to shake up that marketing strategy and get your business the success it deserves!

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