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Marketing Automation: Popular Trends [2024]

Marketing Automation: Popular Trends [2024]


2024 will be all about developing original, engaging experiences that add value to the evolving industries, to make user interaction feel remarkably personalized. The always active consumer and Marketing Automation will play a pivotal role in making it all happen.

This blog is dedicated to two fascinating trends of 2024, that will revolutionize Digital Marketing in Australia in this decade.

On Your Toes; Trendy!

Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence-assisted platforms = Smarter and More Capable Marketing Automation

Predictive customizability is going to be the golden treasure for Marketing Automation by the end of this decade.

Big brands like the coffee queen Starbucks, and the content giant Netflix have already started the game. These companies are launching advanced recommendation analytics to offer hyper-personalized suggestions to every customer. Their expansion demonstrates that predictive personalization is the way to go in this decade.

The Catch?

An AI+ advanced digital learning can be an all-around solution if it’s commercially feasible for every business scale.

Larger firms have the ability and financial means to develop their system, but smaller enterprises will have to wait until a streamlined plug-and-play system becomes available. Have you ever come across one such software that is creating ripples already? Make sure you leave a comment below!

SMM Automation

In 2017, the average time people spent on social media platforms was 135 minutes. By 2019 (pre-covid year), it increased to 143 minutes, let alone the lockdown we spent, locked at home.

Every brand, big or small, is eager to grab a substantial part of your screen time in 2024. Smart social media marketing automation will be on the table as businesses strive to reach out to the target crowd with their messaging at the correct moment in a user’s life to retain maximum contextual relevance.

Powerful Social Media Ads

It will be fascinating to watch how powerful social media ads are for advertising in the future years. As the world’s largest social media network aims to return to its roots and encourage content from personal friends and family, Facebook’s new regulations will limit impression sharing for publishers and advertisers.

End Note

With so many options available at the fingertip, the users are waiting no more for you. They jump on to the next best brand, and hence being active, and relevant is the only way to win this race.

Marketing automation Australia is going to dictate the market share of all brands, and is going to decide, who is here to stay!

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