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The process of getting a GSA government contract is quite a difficult one. After preparing and submitting your MAS offers, going through negotiations and clarifications, you’re finally awarded the contract.

But after being awarded a GSA schedule, you have to focus on your business, market your products and services, and find government workers. At the same time, you have to comply with the constantly changing rules and regulations. Doing the two may be stressful, but it helps you maintain your contract and ensures renewal if you want one.

Suppose you want to maintain it and renew it at the appropriate time. The GSA may cancel the contracts or options not exercised if you do not meet the below contractual requirements.

1. Meet Minimum Sales Criteria and Guidelines:

All sellers with a GSA schedule have an annual target of selling a minimum of $25,000 through their schedule to maintain their contract or be eligible for renewal. Although new GSA contractors are given the grace of 2 years to make $25,000, they have to meet the minimum requirements on an annual basis after the first two years.

2. Report Sales and Remit the Industrial Funding Fee to GSA:

Sellers are expected to trace and report their GSA MAS sales and remit the Industrial Funding Fee of all sales made against their MAS contract. Those rewarded with contracts under TDR will report sales monthly and have the option to pay IFF payments monthly or quarterly.

Non-TDR is expected to report and pay the IFF quarterly. So as not to lose your contract, you must have a system set in place to ensure consistency with tracking and reporting sales

3. Participate in Contractor Assistance Visits :

The contractor assistance visit is like an informal audit conducted by an Industrial Operations Analyst. The IOA assesses your compliance with the GSA Schedule regulations, analyzes your internal processes and procedures in maintaining your GSA Schedule and reporting, and allows you to ask questions or concerns you might have about their contract.

4. Keep Registrations and Certifications up to date:

Constantly update every change in your business. The GSA department must be aware of every change made to your business through a Rapid Action Modification.

5. Register with the Vendor Support Center:

The GSA vendor support center is a GSA website for GSA contractors, filled with information and updates that keep you updated about the ongoing and changes in the GSA department and the government

6. Create, distribute, and maintain your company price list:

Many sellers neglect this aspect despite its importance, and it can be consequential in the long run. Price increases/decreases, product and service additions/deletions, and administrative contact information updates should be distributed and updated.

7. Understand and Adhere to Contract Policies & Obligations:

Ensure that you adhere to all terms and conditions of the contract, including labor laws, EEO requirements, reporting and administrative functions, and Buy American and Trade Agreement requirements. You might need a contract manager that’ll help you monitor the scheduled contract and also correspond with a GSA representative because trying to make sales and doing this as well may end up being strenuous

Steps to GSA Government Contract Renewal

1. Update contact information:

As mentioned earlier, your information must be up to date, changes in your administrative information, such as email, phone, business address, or organizational changes, including business size or NAICS code, should be updated through Rapid Action Modification

2. GSA modification request submitted early in the year:

As they say, the early bird catches the worm. Suppose you plan on making changes in your commercial sales practices, such as price increases, permanent price decreases, product deletions or additions, and some other changes. In that case, you must submit your GSA modification request early.

3. Update GSA advantage!

When your modifications have been approved, to be on the safer side and avoid problems later in the future, such changes should be updated to your GSA Advantage! Portal

4. Must update their subcontracting plan before the GSA can renew:

Large companies and non-profit organizations will have to update their subcontracting plan before the GSA can renew subcontracting options.

5. All mass modifications have been accepted:

Companies must regularly monitor and accept mass modifications as early as possible. Companies may refer to the GSA Government Vendor Support Center portal to check if all mass communications have been accepted. And if the company missed any, it is advisable to contact the vendor support center for a pin


Making sales and complying with the system’s dynamic rules and regulations can be frustrating for new members. Although the list is extensive, by following these tips, making sales and maintaining your contract will prove to be a seamless government contracting experience.

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Josh Ladick

Josh Ladick

Josh Ladick is the President of GSA Focus, Inc., and has been immersed in GSA Contracts and Government Contracting for over 15 years. I explain the complex GSA and FAR clauses in simple terms that anyone can understand, as well as keep government contractors informed on a broad group of GSA Contract related topics.