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How To Create A Logo Design For Cannabis Business

How To Create A Logo Design For Cannabis Business

Logo Design For Cannabis Business

When you are creating a business, you want its image to be easily recognizable and also unique to what you do. If your business involves cannabis or recreational marijuana you will want your logo to represent your name.


One thing you will have to take into consideration when designing a unique logo for your business or company is how it, typically, has been portrayed or thought of as in our society. For an industry that focuses on cannabis and other marijuana-centered items, it can be helpful to understand the culture surrounding its recreational use. For example, you will want your logo to be synonymous with your brand. This hearkens back to the mystery in which this subject was shrouded for so long.

It is also helpful to know a little about the associated paraphernalia. A cannabis logo should represent the idea of doing marijuana, so having one or more items on the logo is always a good idea.

Color Scheme

Once you have figured out the basic components of your logo involving weed, such as the shapes and figures yo want to be represented there, try to figure out a color palette that evokes the energy put out by your brand. A lot of entrepreneurs involved in the cannabis industry like to promote the calming and healing effects of their products, so a blue or green based color palette may be exactly what you are in the market for.

Don’t Be Too Obvious

When one is designing a cannabis logo, it is tempting to put marijuana leaf directly on the logo. A common image is a company name under a large marijuana leaf. While it gets the job done, lets you know what the business is all about, it is not exactly subtle. Instead, you will want to imply things. Have a color scheme that is evocative of a calm or peaceful mindset and imagery that hints at marijuana usage without spelling it out.

The Best Font

When creating a cannabis logo that you hope will stick in the mind, it can be really flummoxing, trying to get it narrowed down to just one font. The whole vibe of your business is one of peace, of calmness. Having a sharp-angled font that assaults your eyes does not exactly bring that message across. Then again, a font that is too frilly or fancy might make your brand look stuffy, which it sure isn’t. Go with something more middle of the road, something that calls to mind your passions while also making it obvious what your business is about.

Having a business that requires a logo involving weed is an exciting new venture in our much cooler society, but how exactly can you get it made? Let’s say you are not artistically inclined yourself. One of the fine folks over at has created an Ai-Powered logo maker that can take in your brand name and description to create a logo that will make you proud.

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