LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternative For B2B Prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has certainly carved a niche for itself in the B2B prospecting arena. But is it the only option? As a businessman are you left wondering due to the subscription fee is worth it? Do you see limitations that hinder your outreach?

This search provides you with alternatives and unveils a treasure trove of options. Each alternative has the potential to propel your sales team to new heights.

ZoomInfo Sales

Zoominfo sales LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an alternative. A comprehensive sales intelligence platform, ZoomInfo boasts a vast contact database. That is also enriched with firmographic and demographic details. It also excels in advanced search functionalities. That allows you to filter prospects based on specific criteria like industry, job title, and technographic data.

ZoomInfo integrates with CRMs, streamlining lead management. While offering a free plan with limited features, their paid services offer you diverse sales team needs.

This platform shines in its focus on multi-channel outreach. It provides access to verified contact information, integrates seamlessly with your email provider, and offers features for building personalised email sequences.

Apollo has the strength lies in its automation capabilities. That also, allows you to pre configured steps within outreach workflows. It provides a free plan with basic features, but advanced functionalities require paid subscriptions. is the best platform to explore artificial intelligence’s (AI) power to personalise outreach efforts. analyses your prospect’s online footprint to suggest relevant talking points and craft compelling email introductions.

This AI-driven approach fosters meaningful connections and increases engagement rates. While offering a free trial, their pricing plans cater to team sizes and functionalities.


UpLead is an ideal solution to save your budget for sales teams. It offers a vast contact database at competitive pricing and excels at providing accurate and up to date email addresses. And also the exact phone numbers that are important for effective prospecting.

UpLead integrates with popular CRMs, ensuring a smooth workflow. Their free plan grants limited searches, while paid subscriptions unlock advanced features.


Lusha specializes in finding verified email addresses and phone numbers for B2B prospects. Lusha offers you a user-friendly Chrome extension that allows quick access to contact information directly from LinkedIn profiles.

Their free plan provides a limited number of searches. But paid tiers offer increased search volume and additional functionalities.

How can you choose the right Alternative?

Selecting the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative hinges on your specific needs and budget. Here are some key factors to consider.

Data Accuracy

You need fresh, reliable contact info to reach the right people. You should Look for platforms to collect the data that regularly update their data and offer high accuracy rates.

Search Capabilities

Powerful search filters are key for finding ideal prospects to meet your customers. Ideally, the platform should allow you to target based on industry, job title, company size, and more.

Outreach Features & CRM Integration

You should see the outreach and CRM integration streamline your workflow. Consider if you need features like email sequences and integration with your CRM to manage leads and track outreach efforts.


You should compare features and pricing models. Find a platform that offers the functionalities you need at a price that fits your budget.

Remember, social selling remains a powerful prospecting tool. Which Utilize the free functionalities of LinkedIn for lead generation and engagement. Building genuine connections and foster your conversations with your customers. That can act as effectively as automated outreach.

Bulk email finder for outreach campaigns

Bulk email finders for outreach campaigns are tools that help automate the process of discovering email addresses. These finders can also find potential customers or partners in your outreach campaigns. These tools offer various functionalities to target the right audience and build effective outreach strategies. Here is a breakdown of some common functionalities.

Domain Search

Upload a list of domains that contain the company websites. You can also find generic email address formats. Bulk email finder is useful for initial outreach to generic company inboxes or for discovering departmental email formats.

Database Search

You should do the database search for email addresses based on filters like company name, industry, size, location, etc. All these help you to target specific companies or niches within your outreach campaign.

Social URL Search

Social url search helps you to find the emails. Then you upload a list of URLs from professional social networking profiles like the LinkedIn and identify potential email addresses. It is useful for following up with connections you have made on social media platforms.

Bulk Email Search

Upload a CSV or TXT to find the bulk email file containing names and company domains. These tools search for corresponding email addresses. Bulk email search is efficient for building targeted outreach lists based on specific job titles or decision makers within companies.

Email Verification

Many bulk email finders offer built in verification to ensure the accuracy of discovered email addresses. It is important for maintaining good deliverability rates. And also avoid bounces in your outreach campaigns.

How can you choose the right campaign?

The best campaign type depends on your outreach goals and the level of targeting you need. Here is a quick guide.

Brand new outreach

Domain Search acts like a fishing net for websites and helps you to choose the right campaign. You can enter keywords related to your ideal customer and find many relevant companies. This is a good starting point for getting a broad list of possibilities.

Following up on social connections

You can target the specific waters by database search lets you fish in a more specific pond. These databases contain company information that is categorised by industry, size, or location. You can filter your search to target companies that perfectly fit your ideal client profile.

Highly Targeted Outreach

Do you think you already know some interesting people online? Social URL Search helps you reel them in. If you are connected with someone on LinkedIn or Twitter but do not have their email address. This tool can also help you find it based on their social media profile URL.

Important Considerations for Using Bulk Email Finders

While bulk email finders are a valuable tool for outreach campaigns, there are some key points to remember.

Data Accuracy

These tools follow the algorithms and data sources.  So, you must have the accuracy of discovered email addresses is not guaranteed. Verification through built in features or separate services is essential to avoid bounces and maintain good deliverability.

Email Legality & Data Privacy

Always comply with anti-spam regulations like CAN-SPAM in your outreach. Additionally, respect data privacy laws like GDPR when collecting and using email addresses. This may involve obtaining consent before sending emails.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is better than LinkedIn sales navigators?

Consider alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you need more than social selling. Tools like ZoomInfo or offer wider data access, email finding, and CRM integrations for a more powerful outreach punch.

What is the best prospecting tool for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent choice for social selling within LinkedIn. However, for advanced needs, consider tools like ZoomInfo or They offer broader data, email finding, and CRM integrations for a more powerful outreach.

What is equivalent to sales navigators?

Sales Navigator is not alone. Powerful alternatives exist for advanced prospecting. Check out ZoomInfo,, or Clearbit for more exhaustive data, email finders, and CRM connections.

Is sales navigator worth on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers you advanced capabilities. Its free versions offer you limited searches and capabilities. So, a sales navigator may be worthy on LinkedIn.

Final verdict!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable tool. There are numerous alternatives available to suit according to your different needs and budgets. Selecting the right alternative depends on your priorities. Whether it is data accuracy, advanced search features, outreach functionalities, CRM integration, or low cost. Remember, social selling remains a powerful prospecting tool. So, always explain the free functionalities of LinkedIn alongside these platforms to maximize your outreach efforts.