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Do People Still Use Landline Connections? [2024]

Do People Still Use Landline Connections? [2024]


Landline Connections – Smartphones have become an integral aspect of our day-to-day lives. They are fashionable, portable, have endless potential, and help keep the entire world at our fingertips. Landlines have partially lost importance in the age of smartphones. According to a recent survey, landline phones have been supplanted by mobile phones in India. According to projections, 100 crore Indians will own smartphones by 2026. It demonstrates that Indians prioritize using their cell phones.

Landlines appear to be a relic of the past in this age of smartphones. However, in many houses, the tring-tring sound of the landline can still be heard even today. But the fact is that it is fading, now more than ever. People who own landlines have adapted to the modern methods of bill payments like Airtel landline bill payment and many others using trusted payment service providers like MobiKwik.

Decline of Landlines

A survey from the city of Mumbai claims that over the past two years, landline connections have significantly decreased. As a result, most city residents are now giving up their landline connections. According to the research statistics, thousands of Mumbai residents have abandoned fixed phone connections, or landlines, in this age of cell phones. A similar trend is seen all across the country in this age of growing technology.

Reason for the Decline of Landline

The decline of land phones started when people started accepting mobile telephones and relying on them for communication. In the nineties and early two thousand’s, landlines were the primary tool for communicating with people over long distances. BSNL landline bill payment was the principal telephone bill payment back then. Like how landlines caused a slow decline in people writing letters to communicate with their loved ones, Mobile phones initiated the decline of landlines.

Even in the early phases of cell phones, without the internet, they started becoming popular due to their portability. It helped people to communicate with each other no matter where they were. All you needed was a good network. Now, after many advancements in the field and mobile phones are being used for various purposes like paying bills, transferring money, ordering food and accessories, booking tickets, watching movies, and many others, the decline of landlines is at a faster rate than ever. But apart from all these, a landline still has several advantages.

Advantages of a Landline Connection

Even today, there are several advantages to owning and using a smartphone.

  • Even though our mobile phones function during a power outage, their battery life is limited. There may be instances when it can be challenging to predict when the power will be restored, allowing the phones to be recharged. So be sure to make your BSNL landline bill payment and many others using one of the leading payment service providers in the country, MobiKwik.
  • A corded land phone will continue to function normally during a blackout, unlike cell phones, which become inoperable if the power is off for days.
  • Numerous reports show landline phones have more excellent sound and clarity than any cellular phone. It can benefit people who depend on clear connections and those who have trouble hearing.
  • Internet-based phones are less secure and less safe than landlines. Due to the vulnerability of internet-based (VoIP) phones to hacking and breaches, many people—particularly seniors—find themselves the unintentional victims of such attacks.
  • Landlines are safe from hacking risks since the communication switch your call passes through is shut off until the connection is over. So your transmission is secure and private, thanks to this.


The first cell phone was introduced in India on July 31st, 1995. Nearly everyone in today’s world has a cell phone. It now becomes a part of who we are. The invention of mobile phones has indeed isolated many from enjoying life as it should be. We are so engrossed in the digital world that there is no way out. Do you recall the time when we only had landlines? Mobile phones weren’t even a dream back then. It would be difficult to recollect the last time we made an Airtel landline bill payment and used the good old landline or the reliable cordless telephone one possessed. Despite the impression that they are outdated, there are compelling reasons to have a landline in your house.

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