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iOS vs Android for business

iOS vs Android for business

iOS vs Android for business

We will tell you about the differences between iOS developer and android developer, both from the specialist’s side and from the customer’s side. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the Android provides more opportunities. In some cases, to solve business problems, it is better to contact the Android mobile application development company.

Android features

Today, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, wearable gadgets work under this OS. Android is used in many industrial and embedded practices. The technology has gained and been used because of its extraordinary flexibility and constant improvement. The brand is the most popular in the world, because the number of innovations per year is about 30-40% higher than the OS of the second order. Google (Alphabet Inc) has a huge trust quota due to the massive allocation of their product.

IOS features

Let’s move on to developing for iOS – this is an interesting platform that does not stand still. iOS app development has its own nuances and, in some cases, we recommend it. It is interesting to note that all the points that refer to the cons of Android are the pros of iOS. The iPhone and iPad are known for their screen sizes and proportions. Android devices work with over 100 different screen types.

If we talk about the disadvantages of iOS, the most significant is the high threshold for entering the profession. The coder must have an Apple technique. To publish apps to the AppStore, you need to renew the access to the developer account annually for $ 99. For companies, the fee is $ 299.

Neutral sides Android apps vs iOS apps

There is some distinction betwitx platforms that are not advantages or disadvantages. Historically, companies have used this type of unlocking or directory of folders within the system. So, the distinction in layout and practices:

  • Android devices can be unlocked by swiping up, and iOS smartphones can be unlocked by swiping to the right.
  • System settings are objectively more convenient on iPhones. All settings are collected in one folder and it is intuitively clear where to look for what. On Android smartphones, you need to look for the setting for each individual function. Moreover, on different devices the same settings are located in different places and may even have different names.
  • Virtual cards of both brands are good enough. iOS supports Apple Maps and Google Maps. Only Google Maps is available on Android. But, in fairness, we note that Google Maps is more popular among buyers of both brands. According to user reviews, Google Maps is also in the lead.

Cross-platform apps

Based on our established practice, the average time to develop one application is from 1.5 to 3 months. If apps are created together, then this reduces the time for the second application by about 40%. We are already using this and offer you this service in the form of a case. In the case when the application is too voluminous, and the allotted time is short, we divide the parts of a single task into elements that are worked out in parallel, and at the end we assemble the components into a common program.

Other aspects to keep in mind


The Android operating system has been developed exclusively in Java for many years. However, in recent years, more and more products have been released in Kotlin. This language allows for lighter code, faster and more complex apps. iOS for a long time was programmed only in Objective-C, but 7 years ago Swift appeared. This language is also gradually replacing its predecessor. These nuances must be considered when choosing an executor. To work effectively in a few years, give preference to a team with specialists working with new programming languages.


The QA phase has become an integral part when an app is written and debugged, it is first tested on emulators and simulators. Then, at the finish line, you need to check the product on real devices.

The iOS simulator runs as fast as a real iPhone. But hardware functions cannot be tested on it. Android emulators in this regard are much more functional. They allow you to replace a real farm of devices. At the same time, the response time is several times higher than that of a real smartphone.

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