Internxt: Secure Cloud Storage for Your Files

Internxt is an advanced cloud storage service, making its mark in the industry by prioritizing the security and privacy of the user.

Internxt offers a generous 10GB of storage, giving you access to its Drive, Photos, and Send features. As well as this, Internxt provides a suite of other tools to help you stay secure online, such as a password generator and virus scanner, which are also available on its website for you to try.

With upcoming features and improvements yet to come, find out why Internxt is becoming the cloud storage provider to watch out for in 2023.

Internxt TL;DR

Pricing: Starts at $0.99 – $9.99 for monthly plans; annual and yearly plans are also available.

Storage Options: 10GB up to 10TB

Security: AES-256 & End-to-end encryption and Two-Factor authentication

Privacy: Zero-knowledge privacy

Customer Support: Live chat and email

Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Noteworthy Features: Open-source software, a suite of free tools, plus Drive, Photos &


Why You Should Consider Internxt for Your Cloud Storage

As we become more and more reliant on technology, this can lead to an increase in what we store or post online, so you need a company like Internxt, who will keep your files safe and visible only to users who are authorized to do so – Internxt will never see your files.

Internxt differs from the top providers in the industry because, despite investing heavily in security measures, concerns about how companies such as OneDrive or Google handle your privacy and data are still prevalent. After all, they do not offer zero-knowledge encryption and therefore retain the ability to access ad view files stored on their platforms.

Internxt Pricing

Internxt has one of the most generous free storage plans out there, with up to 10GB of free storage. You don’t need to add your payment details with a free plan which is great if you just want to test the waters, and it also feels safe knowing that you won’t get charged unexpectedly, unlike other “free” apps out there.

Unlike other companies, there are no additional features, such as data encryption, hidden behind payment plans; all of Internxt’s features are available to you, regardless of whether or not you pay.

Internxt offers three payment options, monthly, yearly, and a one-time payment for lifetime cloud storage. Monthly plans start at $0.99 for 20GB and $9.99 for 2TB; annual plans range from $10.68 to $107.88.

Lifetime storage is an extra attractive option that Internxt offers in terms of payment, as it eliminates the need to manage your subscription plans and adds peace of mind that you will enjoy a lifetime of security and privacy for your files.

Keep an eye out on Internxt’s socials, as they frequently offer huge discounts on their storage plans.

User Interface and Experience

Design and Navigation

Getting started with Internxt is super quick and straightforward. You only need your email address and a strong password, and the website takes you to the start-up screen. The interface is structured well and relatively quiet on the eye, so you can start storing your files efficiently.

You can access your files from any of your devices with the Internxt mobile and desktop apps, and you can drag and drop files into the sync folder to automatically upload them to the cloud.

In short, the Internxt platform focuses on simplicity, but the user experience is easy, convenient, and intuitive.

Internxt Apps and Features

Internxt offers something for everyone, reflected in its range of apps and tools. These free features allow you to test the products without committing to a subscription or entering your payment details.

Signing up for an Internxt account is quick and easy; with your email and password, you are good to go. Let’s take a look at the apps Internxt offer.

Internxt Drive

Internxt Drive works as a platform to sync, backup, and share your files. Drive is available on Android and iOS apps and for Linux users so that you can easily access your folders in Drive from anywhere.

The focus on privacy with Internxt Drive means you can focus on using the app without worrying about privacy breaches. With Drive, you can back up your files every 6, 12, or 24 hours and enjoy complete control of who you can share your files with.

Internxt has also introduced streaming previews of your favorite music and videos directly from Drive without downloading. This feature was requested a lot by Internxt users, which shows they listen to their community.

Internxt Photos

Internxt Photos is a valuable addition to the Internxt suite if you want to store or share photos securely on its web or mobile apps. It has the same client-side encryption as Drive to upload and store your files in a secure cloud space.

Internxt Send

Internxt send is a service Internxt offers to send encrypted files securely to anyone via email or a secure easy-to-share link. The process is simple: upload or drag and drop your files, wait for Internxt to encrypt them and they are ready to be sent to their chosen destination.

Additional Features

As well as this, Internxt also offers a range of free services that fit with its message of staying safe and secure online. These include:

  • Temporary email
  • Byte converter
  • Password strength checker
  • Password generator

It is clear that Internxt cares about its mission in privacy and a secure internxt for everyone through its services. So if you are worried about big companies collecting and selling your data, Internxt is the alternative for you.

Security and Privacy

Encryption Protocols

Internxt uses the industry standard of AES encryption which provides a high level of security as this type of software is resistant to cyberattacks. This encryption method uses symmetric key encryption, a single key to encrypt and decrypt your data, which only you can access, or an individual you give authorization to from a file you send them.

This security method puts the privacy and security of the data in your control, and Internxt has no way to access or view your data, as they also implement in-transit and at-rest encryption, meaning only you can view your files.

Two-Factor Authentication

On top of their strong security measures, Internxt ensures your accounts’ protection by adding Two-Factor Authorisation into their security features. The setup is easy, and you can set up 2FA directly from your Internxt account. All you need to do is verify your password, choose your preferred app to download, and set up 2FA with Internxt.

You can also download a recovery link if you lose your password, which can be useful because Internxt does not store any of your data. If you lose your password, you lose access to your files, a good safety measure that Internxt put in place.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations and Policies

Internxt is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), created to clarify how companies protect and store individuals’ data. For this reason, Internxt will never access your data to sell it to third parties or for advertising purposes.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use thanks to its straightforward and minimal interface
  • Generous free plan once you follow the steps to 10GB
  • Secure, private, and safe cloud storage
  • Open-source software allows for transparency with its user base


  • Lacks collaboration features
  • Limited third-party integration

Is Internxt Worth It?

Internxt is a valuable and affordable service for users who want to switch to a more private cloud storage solution. The company is dedicated to improving its software and has exciting future updates to help it compete with big players in the cloud storage industry.

If you value the privacy of your files, make the switch to Internxt.