Internet Cafe Business

We have prepared some tips that will help you successfully manage an internet cafe or gaming lounge. This information will be useful both to the business owners, and those who want to try themselves in this area.

#1. Atmosphere

In addition to high-quality computer equipment and high-speed Internet, interior and atmosphere are really important.

Think in advance of the concept of your future gaming cafe. Everyone should want to spend more time there. Think about design, comfortable furniture, lighting and colors.

Take care of different groups of your target audience and divide the game club into several zones. The main game room with computers, a room with consoles, a VIP room, an e-sports room for training and a relaxation area with food & beverage onsite. Also, you can provide additional services, such as scanning and printing documents.

#2. Location

Choose a location near crowded places. If you are going to work 24/7, you will need to have access to public transport.

Youth is the main target audience for Internet cafes and gaming lounge. So, take a closer look at places near universities, clubs, shopping centers and hotels.

The building must comply with sanitary and fire safety standards. Also, think about protecting your club in advance.

Make sure that your premises have access to the highest speed internet from a good provider.

#3. Staff

The staff has an important role in the business. Take care of their qualifications and motivation. Don’t forget to apply rewards and give career opportunities. This will avoid staff turnover.

You will need:

  • Director
  • Administrators
  • Reception staff
  • IT specialists
  • Repair Specialists
  • Bartender
  • Guards and cleaners.

An additional “employee” for you will be a special management software for your gaming cafe.

#4. Organization

There is special software to improve the workflow of the Internet cafe.

Purchasing the program for your Internet cafe is a great opportunity to automate the work of your business. Properly selected software for gaming cafe will help to control the usage time of computers and related gadgets in all rooms, the work of administrators, sales of additional services and much more.

#5. Equipment

Expensive computer equipment requires regular and timely maintenance.

Attempts to save on repairs can result in the loss of large sums due to equipment failure. Therefore, it is always better to contact a professional for repair.

Stay tuned in the IT world. This market is very dynamic and constantly evolving. Prices change literally every month. Contact different trusted suppliers and additionally monitor the market yourself.

#6. Prices

Develop your flexible discount system. Keep track of competitors’ prices, try not to exceed them, especially if your competitors are close to you.

Consider the cost, taking into account the demand for the services of your cafe at different times and days of the week.

Your main service is access to the Internet; it will bring about 50-70% of revenue. The rest will be provided by food & beverage, lounge area and other services.

#7. Marketing

Do not forget about advertising campaigns. At the moment, social networks are the most effective platform for promoting your gaming cafe.

Expand the range of your services. Look for new partners and organize promotions, events and e-sports competitions. In this way, you will notify not only the direct target audience, but also new potential customers.

Take an individual approach to each client. Arrange regular promotions to attract new customers. Get club cards with privileges for regular customers.