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6 Professional Tips on Taking Care of Your Ink Cartridge

6 Professional Tips on Taking Care of Your Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridge Tips

Ink cartridges are one among the most costly office used items. The cost of ink can even go beyond your expectations if it gets damaged or stops suddenly working. If it does happen to your printer, then you have to spend a hefty amount on replacing the damaged one at a moment’s notice by paying full retail in a store.

Dried and damaged ink cartridges can hike up the cost factor by damaging the printer, ruining its capacity to work in the desired direction. Thankfully, it is possible to save the printers by taking care of ink cartridges. Fetch the maximum efficiency of it by implementing these top six professional tips.

Check out the effortless ways of taking care of ink cartridges here. These are considered to be professional Ink Cartridge Tips:

1. Inspection Before Installing!

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 1 – Inspection before installation is a prelude of having productive results. Check any damage beforehand. Shake the cartridge gently to check whether the clip and the plastic pull tab is securely placed or not. You can even tap it on a hard surface to prime the ink.

A piece of tape or clip can be found on the top that is fixed there to protect the cartridge during transit. It’s imperative to remove it before installation. Make sure; you are removing it over a trash-can.

You need to check the impurities or dust from the gold contact chip as it’s the prime way to get data of cartridge. This chip is quite sensitive, so, be gentle while cleaning it. Just at the moment, you have brought a new ink cartridge at your home; your duty begins with its thorough inspection.

2. Consideration During Installation

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 2 – Every printer is unique in itself, so it’s quite imperative to go through the instruction manual. This manual will lead you to install it for long term usage properly. In case, if you didn’t get its manual, then it’s better to find and fathom a YouTube instruction video.

It will help you smoothly fit the ink and manage its installed correctly. You can search the instructions by typing the printer model and can conveniently install it right away.

3. Adjust the Ink Levels

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 3 – It’s necessary to maintain the ink levels for the smooth performance of printers. In this matter, modern printers have the upper hand that monitors ink levels by manifesting a warning light. It shows the level of ink clearly.

Low ink levels leave black prints, patchy printing, streaking and all. So, it’s better to know in advance if the ink levels are low. However, the printer may show wrong ink levels when you don’t use the printer for some time. You need to wipe it and gently to get the right flow of ink again.

4. Protect the Ink Cartridge

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 4 – Keeping extra cartridges on hand is necessary to fulfill the need for your home or office printer. But, in order to make sure your spare ink will last, what is the right way to store it?

Until & unless you need them, keep the cartridges under seal. It will maintain its validity for more time and keep it in good condition. Otherwise, it will soon dry out and will never satiate your needs. Besides, keep it in dry places.

Anyhow, if the cartridge remained open then seal it as & when you have noticed. Apply, protective tape, or even you can use a clip to save it. For smooth ink results, it’s good to keep it balanced. If ink gets shifted to one side and doesn’t remain stable, then print results will never be satisfied as you expect to have.

5. Resolve Mechanical Errors

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 5 – Care is a prelude for better performance, and this phrase applies to everything that we behold. Printers are no exception and need the utmost care while installing, using, and even resolving any sort of issue. If you have incorrectly solved the problem, then you might have to suffer in the future with its unpleasing inferences.

But make sure you are cool to follow the instructions in the right way. So be patient if you face mechanical errors while using the printer, like you might face the situation of jammed paper. In that case, instead of pulling it ruthlessly, be gentle towards it. Pull it slowly so that internal parts of the printer don’t get damaged and you can bring the entire paper quickly. So, it’s better to resolve the mechanical errors with your own with patience.

6. Use Air Dusters

Ink Cartridge Tips Rule No 6  – Quite often, you will start realizing that dust & debris has started disturbing the performance of your printer. So, what you need to do in that case?

To keep the ink in the working position, it’s imperative to clean it thoroughly. A small vacuum cleaner is enough to do this job. If it’s not feasible to use it, then take purified water and a cotton swab. It is enough to clean the dust from ink cartridges. You can even read cleaning instructions from the manual and safely clean it for better results.

Wrap Up!

You don’t have to hire a specialist to take proper care of in cartridges. By following these simple yet professional tips, you can conveniently get better quality prints. Just by keeping a few crucial points in your mind, you can prolong the life of these ink cartridges. Still, if you are facing any issue, then feel free to share it with us. We are pleased to help you out!

Author Bio

My name is George Mendelson. I am the PR Media Manager at, a nationwide leading ink and toner retailer. One of my passions is educating and helping people through all the issues related to Printers, Ink Cartridges, and Toners.

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