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What is Duplex Printing? – Definition, Advantages and More

What is Duplex Printing? – Definition, Advantages and More

Duplex Printing Definition

The Duplex Printing is a feature that enables printers to print a sheet of paper on both sides automatically. Most printers can automatically print on only one side of the paper (simple printing).

The duplex printers use a special document feeder or a unit that turns the tables on the paper after printing the first side. This system works together with software that allows the computer to print on both sides.

Normally duplex printing (two-sided) is integrated into special double-sided printers, but currently, some printers can be modernized by acquiring duplex printing. These devices have the advantage of saving the user the effort to turn the paper manually if they want to print on both sides with a regular printer.

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To perform [duplex printing] manually, the print order must be normal and not inverted. That is, the print of the last page should be the last page of the document. First, odd pages should be printed. Next, the previous folios should be inserted in the printer tray, paying attention that the orientation is correct — finally, even pages material.

Advantages of Duplex Printing

  • Save Money – The duplex printing helps you save money on printing supplies, reducing the use of paper by up to 50%.
  • Time-Saving – The duplex printing will save time because for double-sided printing does not have to turn over the paper manually.
  • Save space – Less paper to consume, more space to store.
  • Environment – Beyond the trees that become paper, transport and the paper production process also have an impact on the environment.

Do you need another advantage?

The duplex printer is lightning fast. That 100-page report that had the simplex 2 hours would only lead to a duplex in about 2 minutes to complete.

The duplex not only prints both sides at once. It is also a laser printer. Many simplex printers operate more at the dot matrix level, so they need to print each color individually. Duplex, however, uses a laser to print all colors simultaneously.

Today multifunctional equipment is implementing this type of technology to avoid unnecessary expenses in companies. The problem is that in some multi-purpose equipment, the process of [duplex printing] is very slow. And also, in the worst-case scenario, the size of the equipment is relatively large.

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