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Why Your Company Needs an ID Scanner – Let’s Count the Reasons

Why Your Company Needs an ID Scanner – Let’s Count the Reasons

Does your company use any sort of ID documents? Very few companies with more than one or two employees can say no to this question. If you need to read ID documents, you need an ID scanner.

Why Your Company Needs an ID Scanner - Let’s Count the Reasons
Identity verification and background checks have become much more common in recent years. Stiffening of bank regulations, COVID-19, and other changes in how business is done have heightened the need for accurate identity verification.

Maybe it’s keeping your premises secure, verifying identity and age or other qualifications of your customers, or controlling access to secure areas.

Here’s a brief list of companies that can benefit from using ID scanning devices and the benefits they derive from their use.

1. Bars, nightclubs or restaurants that serve alcohol – verifying the ages of customers is important. In some situations, it may also be important to check for criminal history.

2. Medical facilities must verify their customers’ and employees’ identities and history. Have they had COVID? Other diseases? Have they been vaccinated? What are they allergic to?

3. In companies with facilities that employ more than a few people, some sort of ID document is required to enter the premises. If customers enter sensitive locations, they need to be identified, and perhaps their backgrounds need to be checked.

4. Transportation companies must identify passengers and verify their credentials or backgrounds. Freight shipments must be documented.

5. Banks and other financial institutions must comply with new regulations, including more detailed records of their customers’ activity.

Adaptive Recognition’s (AR) Osmond, Combo Smart, and Combo Scan document readers meet and exceed all these requirements.

Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, and the Like

In most of the world, alcohol sales to minors below a designated age are prohibited. Checking IDs manually is an unpleasant part of the customer experience for both the customer and the management. It must often be done where lighting is subdued, which can lead to errors.

In some locations and types of businesses, it may also be important to check the criminal background or verify other personal information.

When an ID scanner verifies a patron’s age, identity, etc., the process is quick, accurate, and less painful for all.

Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, Pharmacies, and Other Medical Facilities

With everyone’s heightened sensitivity due to the coronavirus pandemic, validation of identities and health status is important.

At hospitals, patient intake can be a laborious process if patient information is verified manually. Remember the days of long questionnaires:

  • Have you had this or that disease?
  • What are you allergic to?
  • What medicines do you take?
  • Have you been vaccinated for X, Y, or Z?

All of this information can be encoded in a health identity card. Once the card is scanned by a document reader, the facility has an accurate record of the patient’s health status.

Visitors to patients can be identified, validated, and recorded.

Doctors’ offices, pharmacies, etc. can also verify the necessary information to determine medications and treatments and who’s qualified to receive them.

Adaptive Recognition’s ID scanners are designed to learn to read new types of documents and can handle these tasks simply and accurately.

Many Employees or Customers Coming and Going?

If your company has a large office building, factory, or retail outlet, document readers can give you the identity control you need.

Employee identity must be validated. Fraudsters could easily pose as employees with forged documents and gain access to sensitive information or valuable items and equipment.

If you entertain customers and clients in your store or office, you want to avoid having people on the premises with known criminal histories.

If you want to offer special benefits to certain customers, you can easily identify them with an ID scanner.

Airlines, Railroads, Ship Operators, and Other Transportation Companies

Companies providing transportation of passengers, freight, automobiles, etc. have obvious needs to verify the identity of people and objects.

Passengers must show who they are that they’ve paid their fares. Today, they might have to show that they’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus and recently tested negative for it. ID scanners can produce reliable records of all this information.

Freight containers are notorious as vehicles for all sorts of fraudulent activity including smuggling, transferring stolen goods and contraband, etc. With the use of document readers at each transfer point and careful tracking of a container’s movements, opportunities for criminal activities are reduced.

For ships or trains carrying private vehicles, the license plates must be recorded and matched with the owner’s, driver’s or shipper’s identity, documented by an ID scanner.

Banks and Financial Institutions

As governments strive to tax every transaction and control money flow, they impose stricter regulations on banks and other money handlers each year.

Stockbrokers, insurance companies, lenders, and escrow agents are among those with strong requirements for customer identification, transaction recording, and reporting. The same increasingly applies to cryptocurrency dealers.

ID scanners are essential for verifying account holders’ identities. The information gained from ID documents is the input to all transaction records.

We’ve touched on a few categories of businesses whose operation would be difficult or impossible without document readers. Other retail shops and smaller businesses too numerous to mention can enhance their operations with the ability to scan ID documents electronically.

Adaptive Recognition offers several of the fastest and most adaptable ID scanners in the industry. Click here to learn more and to contact them to discuss your document reading needs.

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