Hybrid 2 in 1 laptops have become quite popular in recent years. Much like how Smartphones have condensed so many features into one device, the hybrid laptop is a product that offers everything I need in a single machine. It combines the efficient performance of a laptop with the portability and ease of use of a tablet.

The result is a device with many advantages and only a few drawbacks. Here are the main things to know about owning a hybrid 2 in 1 laptop.

Advantages of Hybrid Laptops

There are plenty of reasons why I enjoy using a hybrid laptop. They are useful in a wide variety of situations, and always let me get the job done with convenience and style.


It is possible to do just about anything with a device like this. I start off in tablet mode as the day begins. This allows me to browse the web and navigate apps with ease.

When it comes time to get some work done, I can clip on the attachable keyboard. In seconds, the tablet is transformed into a fully functional laptop. The most powerful 2 in 1 hybrid laptop can even rival some desktop PCS.

I can type long word documents with actual keys. Also make spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations with the touchpad. I can even plug in a mouse for when I require the utmost precision.

If I want to go back to tablet mode, I simply detach the keyboard. The device recognizes that the output is gone and returns to tablet functionality. Once I was able to swap between modes so freely, I wondered how I lived without it for so long.


Most hybrid devices are much slimmer and weigh far less than a standard laptop. Anyone who travels a lot will appreciate how it lightens the load considerably. It is also great for moving between home and work.

The laptop is perfect when you are at a desk and want to put full attention on a task. The tablet mode works wonders when taking notes at a job site. There is an unlimited number of ways each mode can be applied to daily life.


Since so many different models have flooded the market, the average cost of each hybrid laptop has gone down drastically. They start off around the 200 dollar range for a basic machine. Anyone who wants the cutting edge tech can shell out upwards of $3000.

The great news is that a mid-range tablet offers great performance for the price. Most hybrids that cost between $300 and $500 are more than powerful enough for most people. Standard laptops with similar performance typically go for a few hundred bucks extra.

Plus, buying one device is always going to be cheaper than buying two. Consider a hybrid instead of springing for separate devices.


Many hybrid laptops are designed to be able to pay some modern PC games. While I’m not able to max out any graphical settings, it is possible for me to run several games at a smooth frame rate. It is certainly better than playing games on just a tablet.

Despite the strong power, the battery lasts a very long time. Hybrid laptops use efficient batteries to stretch run time pretty far. My hybrid still has juice after being unplugged for eight hours.


Hybrid laptops are way less likely to be hacked than a traditional laptop. Many hybrids run on a unique operating system. Hackers tend to target the most popular operating systems when creating viruses or malware.

Since my hybrid runs on proprietary software, I have never seen a malicious attack attempted on my device. It simply isn’t worth it for cybercriminals to target each unique hybrid device individually.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Laptops

As amazing as hybrid laptops are, there are still a few notable disadvantages. It is worth pointing them out in order to make the best buying decision possible.

Overall Performance

While many hybrids stand toe-to-toe with traditional laptops, the industry just has more experience making them. Many laptop manufacturers are familiar with how to get the most out of each laptop they produce. This allows them to release computers with much higher specs if the buyer is willing to pay up.

The only way you are going to play the latest games on the go is with a traditional laptop. Hybrids are designed to be as power-efficient as possible. This means they aren’t as powerful as they could be.

Screen Size

Whenever I have to view a monitor for long periods, I want the screen to be as big as possible. Games and movies demand a larger view in order to be fully immersive. Hybrid laptops tend to have smaller screens than conventional PCs.

While the smaller screen aids portability, it weakens the video watching experience. Getting used to the smaller screen is vital when purchasing a hybrid laptop.

Keyboard Size

To fit the more compact design, hybrid laptop keyboards tend to be very small. My larger hands can sometimes cramp up when I type for too long. The keyboard is also missing some functionality that is native to standard keyboards. When writing longer documents, I sometimes run into trouble finding the right key. It also tends to get more uncomfortable the longer I type consecutively. Having small hands makes using a hybrid laptop much easier.


I have really been enjoying my time with hybrid 2 in 1 laptops. They offer a convenient PC solution when traveling about. Being able to switch to tablet mode on the fly is incredibly liberating.

Anyone who is in the market for either a tablet or laptop should try out a hybrid at least once. The advantages far outweigh the negatives in my opinion. Now that I got used to the quirks of a hybrid machine, I never want to look back at standard laptops or tablets.