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How to Stay in Your Customers’ News Feeds Using the Boosted Video Maker App
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How to Stay in Your Customers’ News Feeds Using the Boosted Video Maker App

Stay in Your Customers’ News Feeds

Are you frustrated that your social posts achieve weak reach and therefore see precious little engagement? You might want to try posting more native video content.

Video catches people’s eyes as they thumb through their feeds, and it’s for this reason that all the big social platforms are going all-in on video formats. News feed algorithms favor content that people spend time with, and video wins here too.

You might be operating under the misconception that to create your own video content at scale, you’d need to be a skilled videographer, or at least pay one a lot of money. But using Boosted by Lightricks, an app available for web, iOS and Android, you can create a virtually endless stream of new video content, with only a few minutes of investment each time. No fancy lights, cameras or even action required – Boosted makes it easy to do it all on your own and to do it well.

Learn how you can harness Boosted to produce smashing videos and remain consistently visible in your customers’ news feeds.

1. Grab your viewers’ attention within three seconds.

Social media platforms often autoplay videos to get viewers’ attention and persuade them to watch more. Leverage this and captivate your audience at the start or early parts of your video – ideally within the first three seconds.

Otherwise, your customers can find your videos unworthy of their time and move on to other brands’ visual content on their feeds.Follow video marketing tips to catch your customers’ attention by creating attractive thumbnails (more on this later), video teasers through their accompanying posts, and others.

Additionally, depending on the platform and your video marketing performance insights, keep your videos from 15 to 90 seconds or a minute on average.

The shorter it is, the better – especially if you’re creating ads. Convey your message and information concisely as well to fit them in the mentioned time frame.

2. Design attractive thumbnails.

Create your thumbnails attractively (but not tackily) to get your viewers’ attention.

Boosted’s expert designers have created a rich, diverse, growing gallery of beautiful stock videos and templates that resonate strongly with your customers. They also have eye-catching starting clips that you can instantly use as thumbnails.

Its template themes include Beauty, Digital Marketing, Seasonal, Education, Fitness and Sport,   Professional Services, and many more. You can even check out All Templates and Our Favorites.

Design attractive thumbnails.

If you want to start with their free stock videos, click on that option on their homepage (after logging in), and you’ll see a dialog box of choices. Type in relevant terms as well to search for more:

Design attractive thumbnails. 1

You can also start from scratch or upload your footage. Either way, Lightricks’ Boosted will then take you to the shortcut window:

Design attractive thumbnails. 2

Or the Editor section where you can further enhance your thumbnail’s and video’s design:

Design attractive thumbnails. 3

A salient principle to remember is this: use your thumbnails to pique your audience’s curiosity about what they’ll see and discover from your video.

Align it also with your branding identity so viewers can immediately associate the content with your business.

3. Size your videos appropriately.

Choosing the right size for your videos helps your viewers see your content optimally and conveniently.

For instance, if your video size is too large, users will not see it entirely on their feeds, can miss crucial texts or visuals, and ruin their social media experience. It also makes your company look unprofessional and incompetent.

That’s why Boosted lets you pick your desired video shape and orientation: square, rectangular vertical, or horizontal rectangle.

Size your videos appropriately.

You can select your frame orientation at the creation dialog boxes when you start with your footage or free stock videos (above), or within the editor.

Size your videos appropriately. 1

Selecting the right one depends on where you’re posting your video (and in some cases, whether or not it appears in your audience’s feed).

For example, if your video is for your page’s profile cover, then it should be rectangular horizontal. If it’s a regular Instagram post, it should be square. Rectangular vertical videos are best for Instagram and Facebook Stories (or My Day on Messenger).

Optimizing these aspects also helps you boost your customers’ viewing experience on any device – whether mobile or on a computer – and keeps them looking to your brand for more content.

4. Be mindful of audio and lack thereof.

Suitable background audio makes your videos extra catchy, so including them in your videos is a terrific idea.

Boosted has a gallery of groovy sounds to go with your videos. Their templates and video styles often have the perfect accompanying music, but you can also modify them in the Editor > Music panel:

Be mindful of audio and lack thereof.

You’ll see the Best Fit category, which lists other ideal audio clips for your template, footage, or stock video, as well as different themes such as Cheerful, Sentimental, Laidback and groovy, etc.

Hit the play button to hear each clip and decide on whether to use it or not.

However, social media platforms now usually mute videos as a default. Viewers also opt to turn them off when they’re in places where sound can disrupt ongoing activities.

So how do you deal with that? One way is to use text titles and captions, so your audience can comprehend what you’re saying in the video. This is vital. If viewers watch your content for the first few seconds and realize they won’t understand it even with the audio off, they’ll ignore you and continue scrolling.

To display your captions, make your text easily readable when editing on Boosted. Use the right font colors, styles, and sizes, including text overlays when necessary.

Be mindful of audio and lack thereof. 1

Another technique is to display pop-ups subtly recommending viewers to turn on the audio – but do this at the right time and make it short and sweet, since pop-ups are often disruptive. You can display them a few mini-seconds after the video is instantly played. Leave a bit more time for users to turn on the audio without missing your visual’s crucial parts.

You should also size your pop-up correctly so it doesn’t occupy too much space on your customers’ screens. Insert this at your preferred times when customizing your video on the Editor page.

Be mindful of audio and lack thereof. 2

5. Concentrate on delivering your primary message.

People are twice as likely to share video content than any other type of content, so if you want your videos to stay in your customers’ news feeds and make them shareable, concentrate on one easily digestible message and communicate it.

If your audience can quickly understand your video, they’re more likely to share it on social media because they can effortlessly explain what they liked about it.

So, what’s your video’s objective, and how does it make your customers feel?

Users often share videos on social networking sites to:

  • Express their feelings about a specific topic
  • Confirm that they’re the first to discover something
  • Socialize
  • Make their friends and followers laugh
  • “Humbly” brag or show off.

If your video achieves any of these and conveys your main message concisely and simply, customers are more likely to like, comment, or share it. These signals help to ensure that your content continues to surface on social news feeds.

Get your videos up and engaging on social feeds with Boosted.

With these tips and some more best practices, you can make high-quality, engaging videos at scale. Remember always to provide value into your content to make your customers love and want to consume more of it from you.

Leverage Boosted as well to produce stunning videos effortlessly and skyrocket your posts’ visibility, marketing performance, and customer engagement to high heavens.

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