How to Spy on Android without Them Knowing

How to Spy on Android without Them Knowing – People have different reasons why they want to spy on others. For some, it is about tracking the phone activities of a cheating spouse. For some others, the goal is to monitor the internet activities of their children and to ensure that they are safe wherever they are.

Organizations have also bought into the idea of tracking the activities of their employees during work hours to see how productive they are. Whatever reason you have to spy on someone, you can be sure to find a great spy app that will meet your needs.

Do you want to spy on an Android device? Then, this post is for you. This post will look at how you can spy on someone’s Android without them knowing.

Spylix: The Best Android Spy App in the Market

Splylix is undoubtedly a leader when it comes to Android spy apps. It is an effective tool for tracking Android devices without rooting. You can use it to track locations by phone number, spy SMS, WhatsApp, Calls, GPS, and over 40 other data types. The best part is that it is 100% undetectable and you can track your target device remotely without the owner knowing.

It has numerous features and one of the most impressive of them is the ability to block apps, websites, and Wi-Fi connections. That means that if you are worried that your child may have access to some age-inappropriate websites, you can block those sites remotely on their devices. The app is easy to use and does not require any special skills to use.

You can sign up for free and immediately get started with tracking your target Android device within minutes. Spylix is compatible with Android 4.0 up to Android 11 and it can monitor any data on your target device.

Exceptional Features of Spylix

There are many options of spy apps in the market with various attributes. We recommend the Spylix because of its numerous features. It has everything that you need to monitor your target device remotely and without any issue. Here are some features of the app.

SMS Spy: If you are worried that your spouse may be exchanging romantic text messages with another person, you can get your proof with Spylix. Splylix monitors all incoming and outgoing messages, including the timestamps and contact details of the recipients. It saves the messages in your dashboard and gives you access to them at your convenience.

Social App Spy: With Spylix, you can see what your target is doing on different social media platforms. The app helps you monitor all communications and activities taking place on the social media accounts of your target device. It gives you complete access to different social media platforms, including WeChat, Viber, Instagram, Kik, and more.

WhatsApp: You can track who your child or spouse is chatting with on WhatsApp with Spylix. The spy app helps you spy all WhatsApp messages, media files sent, and contacts shared and received through WhatsApp remotely and undetected.

GPS Tracking: If you are a parent and you are worried about the safety of your child, you can track their real-time location with the Spylix app. You can remotely monitor their locations and location history with timestamps, even if its GPS is not enabled. With this, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the whereabouts of your target at any moment.

Call Monitoring: Have you wondered who your spouse or child talks to secretly when they think you are not watching? Well, you can get your answers with Spylix. It lets you view all incoming and outgoing calls on the device, including the contact details, duration, and timestamps of the calls.

Keylogger: This is one of the unique features of the Spylix app. It tracks and stores all keystrokes used on the Android phone. That means as your target types chats, passwords, home contacts, notes, and calendar entries in their device, the keylogger feature harvests everything and neatly organizes them for your viewing.

Videos and Photos Spy: You can also view all videos and photos taken with the camera of the device as well as those shared and received through different sources.

Over 29 Other Data Types: Spylix tracks all data on your target Android phone and gives you access to the data on it, including calendar entries, notes, contacts, and installed apps, among others.

Simple Steps to Activate Spylix on Your Target Device

Spying an Android device has never been this easy. It does not require that you jailbreak the phone. It is also quick and easy to activate and you do not have to worry that your target will catch you with their device. Here are the simple steps to set up the Spylix app on your target device.

Step 1: You have to register an account on the official website of Spylix. It is easy to register and activate your account. Enter your valid email address and choose a unique and strong password to register an account. It is free to register an account on the site.

Step 2: Install and set up the app on your target device. Follow the simple installation instructions provided in the email sent to you for activation. It takes a few minutes to complete the whole process, so you do not have to fret that you will be discovered.

Step 3: Now that you have successfully installed the Spylix app on your target device, it is time to start monitoring. Simply log in to your control panel on Spylix and start monitoring the data on the device.


Spylix is a discreet app and it works in stealth mode. As soon as it is installed, it disappears from the app list and even with a thorough search, it is impossible to find the app on the target device. It works remotely and does not affect the functionality of the phone in any way. It is 100% safe and virus-free, so there is nothing to worry about when using the Spylix app to monitor your target device.

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