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How To Prepare For A Data Science Job In 5 Steps
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How To Prepare For A Data Science Job In 5 Steps

In today’s data driven world, the amount of data that is generated on a day-to-day basis is off the charts and companies who are not utilizing this data are bound to fall behind.

Data needs to be turned into information and strategies need to be optimized for using this information. This is where the role of a data scientist comes in.

When looking for a job in data science, find a role that will be suitable for you. The data science positions are very lucrative and hence the competition is high. You are bound to face rejection but don’t let it discourage you. Focus on studying Statistics, Machine Learning, SQL, and Python as these are the most valued skills in data science.

Here are 5 tips that can help you land a job in data science:

#1. Know what role you are applying for

The profile of data scientists could entail different responsibilities in different companies, and sometimes the title could have different roles even within the same company. A data scientists’ work could range from working on analytics, algorithms, to inference.

So, when you apply for a role, know exactly what you will be getting into. Ask questions like, “is there a team that gathers the necessary data or will that be included in your role?” to know what responsibilities you will have to take on.

#2. Start with a tailored resume

After doing your research, your primary responsibility is to perfect your technical resume for the data science job you are after. A great way to do this is to customize your resume according to the needs of the data science position that a given company is trying to fill.

Using keywords can significantly help. For easy understanding, keywords are job-specific requirements that the hiring company looks for in the ideal candidate. From skills to basic education to a minimum number of work experience – a keyword can be anything.

Your job is to identify these keywords. Study the language used by the company in their job description to find their exact requirements. After you identify them, sprinkle these keywords (wherever applicable) throughout your resume.

This not only optimizes your resume for the recruiter but makes it ATS-compliant as well.

It also helps you showcase your eligibility for the job. It tells the recruiter that you have the requisite skill sets and thus, meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

#3. Persistence is key

Once you start applying for roles, you will realize how difficult it is to get a shortlist even when you have done everything perfectly. However, do not lose help. Take steps in addition to submitting your resume to land a job.

The one thing that will help you the most is networking. It plays a vital role, especially if you can connect with the hiring manager associated with open positions.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform for networking. You can also use AngelList to look for jobs at startups.

Manage your expectations when reaching out to individuals as they might not always respond to your job enquiry. That being said, try your best to come across as a professional, polite, and persistent individual.

#4. Keep yourself updated

If and when you snag an interview for a job opening, you have to be prepared for extremely technical questions. This is why it is advised that you keep studying and practicing throughout.

You might be questioned regarding your skills in SQL, Python, Statistics, and Machine Learning.

So it is advisable to research common interview questions and prepare as well as you can. The key is to keep yourself updated of the latest industry standards and stay sharp and vigilant of the technical revolutions happening around you.

#5. Research the company

It helps to understand the culture of the company you are getting into. Learn how your profile ties up to the bigger picture. It would also help to take a close look at their competitors.

Your research should be around where most of their revenue comes from? What the company does to generate this revenue and what demographics do they cater to. This will help you understand what actions you can take to help them both sustain and grow.

In short, the more you know about the company and the people in it, the better it will be for your chances of acing an interview with them.

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