How to Make Your Business Name Timeless

Many ideas simply do not stand the test of time. The booming laser tattoo removal industry exists as a testament to this, helping people get rid of ink they regret or no longer wish to see every day. However, if you ask many people about these unwanted tattoos, they may say something along the lines of, “Well, I liked the idea when I was younger…”

Knowing some ideas inevitably fail to hold up over time can help you name your business well the first time around — so you hopefully won’t have to go through a costly and potentially confusing rebrand years down the line.

Are you in the process of naming your business? Here are some tips on making it timeless.

Know Your Brand Story & Values

A business name is more than just a title; it’s an extension of your brand. It should tell people what your company is all about before they interact further. More often than not, a good business name hints at a company’s unique selling proposition — or the “it factor” that sets it apart from its competitors.

If you’re having a tough time naming your business because you’re worried how the moniker will hold up in the future, return to your company’s roots: Its brand story. How did your company get started? What values does your company value and embody? What is your organization’s special “angle” that sets it apart from everyone else within its industry and niche? How do you find yourself introducing your business to new people when you only have a few moments to pique their interest?

Think about which words and symbols encapsulate your brand story and your company values while deciding upon a name.

Think About Trademarks & Web Address

As creative as a process as creating a business name is, it’s also a logical one. Even the most ingenious name is next to useless if you’re unable to A) trademark the name as your own and B) reserve the “.com” domain name for it because it’s already taken.

Check that you’re not accidentally copying an existing company within your state and country before moving ahead with a name and make sure you’re able to snag the best URL for when you build your website.

Avoid Hopping on Fads and Trends

Whatever is “viral” at the moment might be commanding the most attention in the short-term, but this type of content inevitably fades back into obscurity once its 15 minutes of fame are up.

Avoid trends that will date your business back to a certain month or year — or depend on customers remembering a certain reference to understand. You want your brand to be as strong in five, 10 or 20 years as it is today, so avoid incorporating fads into your naming process.

Use a Trusted “Focus Group” to Test Names

It’s easy to get hung up on a name you really like. And, since you’re the boss, it’d be easy to go with that name for your company and call it a day. But sometimes outside perspective can help us weed out those titles that end up falling short of timelessness.

Once you have a shortlist of potential winning names, use the “focus group” approach to ask a few trusted colleagues or loved ones to evaluate them with an eye for how well they will age.

Making your business name timeless depends on steering clear of fads, basing your name on brand values and choosing a moniker that’ll make it easy to trademark your company and get the leading domain name for its name.