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How To Lookup Emails: Easy And Fast
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How To Lookup Emails: Easy And Fast

How To Lookup Emails

Unfortunately, on the Internet, your personal information is poorly protected. With a starter dataset, a stranger can learn much more about you than you would like. A vulnerability in privacy can be exploited to find out the email address of anyone. Using special services, this is not difficult.

Of course, we need at least some information about the person whose email we will retrieve. This may be the name of the company in which he works, his LinkedIn profile, or his first and last name. We tried to include in the selection methods that do not duplicate functionality, but complement each other and allow you to search across a different set of data.

Using email is easy. And it seems impossible to find the email of a person if he did not give the name of his mailbox. However, there are ways to search not only e-mail but also its other contacts.

If you know the name of a person

People are often asked for an email address knowing only the name of the person. If you know the name of the right person, then finding out if he wrote his address on a social network is easy. For search email addresses you need to go to the advanced search form and enter the words at and dot in the “All of these words” field. Then enter the user’s nickname in the “From these users” field and start the search. With a very high probability, you will find the address you need.

You can find the address on Google in the same way. Try to enter the person’s name and add the words “mail”, “contacts”, “contact me” to him. If you know this person’s site, search on it by writing in Google “site: site_name and name”. But in most cases, the above services will be enough, and if a person mentioned his email address at least somewhere, you can find it. Searching for people by e-mail is possible only with the help of special services that will provide you with information about any person.

If you have a company name

Users often encounter the problem that they need to send a letter to the company, but there is no email address. In this case, you must use the email finder tool. All you need to do is just enter the name of the company you need and wait for the search results.

How to choose a search engine for email

Various services from the article do the same thing – they look for profiles on social networks. But everyone has different search locations. To achieve maximum results, it is better to use them all in combination.

And in conclusion, I would like to recall the easiest way to find information about a person by email: just drive him in a search on Facebook. This is often enough.

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