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How to Get Rid of Spam Emails – Checklist for Spotting Spam Emails
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How to Get Rid of Spam Emails – Checklist for Spotting Spam Emails

If you use email on a constant basis then you should be aware of a number of things in order to safeguard yourself, and your personal private information, from the significant threat that spam email represents. Minimizing or the eradication of the threat of spam should be your chief focus when planning how you are going to be running your company.

There is no end of different ways, products and commercial partners that you can test to try and achieve this. However, have put together some simple guidelines for you to peruse and use to prevent email spam from infiltrating your databases.

#1. Avoiding Spam Infection: Try not to share your email address

The wisest step to take for you to try and stop email spam from being sent to you is to never distribute or share your email address with anyone else. Use caution when subscribing to various news or website updates and even consider creating a specific email just for receiving these messages.

#2. Avoiding Spam Infection: Do not Click on Hyperlinks in Emails

Hackers will try get email recipients to click on a hyperlink. If this is successful they then know that the email address they are targeting is still in use.

#3. Avoiding Spam Infection. Review the Authenticity of the Sender

In the majority of cases hackers will spoof an email address in order to discover active email addresses. This involves the creation of an email address that has just one character different from the authentic account to make it look like it came from a real source. You should always double check the email addresses of what looks like important messages.

#4. Avoiding Spam Infection: Email Content should be investigated

Review what is being said in depth. Find out if there are any attempts made to have you share sensitive information and, if this is so, be extra careful it there is a request made for you to complete a specific transaction.

#5. Avoiding Spam Infection: Do not reply to a person you don’t know

If you are not familiar with the sender of the email then you should not respond or reply to the email you have been sent. In the unfortunate event of this happening you email account may be breached.

#6. Avoiding Spam Infection: Use Tactics to Hide your Email Address from scanners

Try and make it so that your email address cannot be easily scanned by spammers. Spelling out the dot on business cards or websites is just one wise way of doing this.

#7. Avoiding Spam Infection: Deploy Separate Usernames and Email Addresses

Never create usernames that are very similar to your email address and password on an app or website service. Doing so makes it much simpler for cybercriminals to gain access to your account and personal details.

#8. Spam Prevention Guideline: Set up your email filters to spot spam emails

Lastly, make sure that you always mark a spam email that lands in your inbox as spam. This way your email filters will learn what is spam and what is genuine email.

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