2022-07-20 people are reluctant to subscribe to little-known pages. But nothing is impossible. We have compiled some useful tips to help you grow your profile from scratch within a year.

In this article, you will learn why you should contact micro-influencers, how to use hashtags correctly, and why you should still consider embedding an Instagram widget on your website.

Ask your followers to share your posts

It is much easier to promote a page on Instagram if you have a product or service that your customers share on their profile. If you post content with your customers, it will increase your social security and credibility.

If you haven’t had clients yet, then you can contact a blogger that suits your niche and order a review on your product. It is better to choose bloggers who have about 5,000 subscribers. Such accounts have a much lower cost of advertising and a more engaged audience.

Add Instagram widget to your website

If you already have your own website, then you probably want to quickly attract your audience to your Instagram account. Of course, you can leave links to it on all pages of your site, add calls to follow you, and so on, but it will be much easier to just embed an interactive Instagram feed right on the main page. You can do this using the Instagram Feed widget. In just a couple of clicks, you will get a clickable add-on for your site, and new subscribers to your account. Profit!

Use hashtags

Many SMM experts advise using 5 to 11 hashtags. Don’t be afraid to ignore such advice!

Start experimenting with hashtags and eventually you’ll figure out which ones are right for your brand.

Why not use 30 hashtags? You can add all these hashtags to the first comment under the post, which few people will see. Is your goal to increase your reach? Then this is the easiest way. With hashtags, your posts will rank higher for keywords, which increases your reach.

Use geotags

Their work is similar to hashtags, so we will not dwell on this point in detail. Just be aware that geotagging can also bring you new followers and customers. Especially if you have a local business, such as a cafe or pizzeria.

Subscribe to competitors’ followers

To promote your account, you need to find people who follow your competitors’ pages.

Do you know your competitors? Find them! Then study their profile, content and who comments on their posts, highlight your target audience. Start chatting with them. It is better to choose smaller competitors to start with, as larger ones may have good loyalty programs that you may not be able to afford at the moment.

Follow the hype

A working way to gain followers on Instagram and you shouldn’t abuse it – your profile should have something more than just a set of trends. Keep individuality in mind – play with hype topics in your own way. It is also important to use not the first trending scandals and bright events that come across, but relevant ones that fit into your concept and page topic, as well as the ones that can be interesting to your audience.


If you have long-term goals you should definitely treat your account seriously – create engaging content, remember to optimize it, fill in all the lines of the profile and design it beautifully, post stories regularly, conduct live broadcasts, use reels, adhere to a single style in the design of the page, create a personal brand. This path seems to be long, but if you do everything right, you will succeed.