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How to Generate Sales Report in Shopify? – Mipler
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How to Generate Sales Report in Shopify? – Mipler

Are you looking to create a sales report? Or perhaps a tax report? Mipler has a solution for you. Think about using Mipler Advanced Reports. We can tailor reports to your specifications using metafield data. Plus, try Mipler: Advanced Reports with a free 7-day trial.

Types of Shopify reports

Shopify Sales Reports track more than just average orders. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior to enhance your strategy.

Note: These reports are available only with certain Shopify plans.

Access report types on Shopify

  1.  Period Sales Overview. See total sales and order count for a specific timeframe.

Note: Edited orders count as new, even if not created anew.

  1. Product Sales Breakdown. Analyze total sales, excluding shipping fees, for a detailed view of product performance.
  2. Variant SKU Sales. Monitor top product sales minus shipping costs by variant.
  3. Supplier Sales. View products from suppliers, detailing categories like supplier name and net quantity received.
  4. Discount Sales. Observe sales grouped by discount name or code to gauge discount effectiveness.
  5. Referral Traffic Sales. Track sales from customer sources like direct traffic, search, email, social media, or unknown.
  6. Billing Location: Understand sales by country and region based on billing addresses.
  7. Cashier Currency Sales. This report is only available to Shopify Payments users and shows sales according to the customer’s currency.
  8. Channel Sales. View sales totals across different sales channels for a comprehensive overview.
  9. Customer-Specific Sales. Analyze orders placed by individual customers within a set timeframe.
  10. Average Order Value Analysis. Monitor fluctuations in average order value over a chosen timeframe, categorized by hours, weeks, months, and more.

Why do you need to generate a sales report?

Performance analysis. Sales reports allow you to evaluate your store’s performance and determine its success.

Trend tracking. These help identify trends in customer behavior and product preferences.

Identifying the top-selling items. Reports help determine the most popular and best-selling categories.

Make smart choices. Use the reports to develop strategies for managing inventory, marketing, and pricing.

Business optimization. Collecting sales data helps to optimize processes and achieve greater efficiency in operations.

Here’s how to generate a sales report on Shopify

Quickly create a Shopify sales report with these easy steps:

  • Navigate to Analytics > Reports in your Shopify admin.
  • Click on Create custom report.
  • Select a template, give your report a title, and click Create.
  • Customize filters and columns as needed.
  • Finally, click Save report.

Additional tips

Shopify offers automatic report export for convenient, regular updates on performance tracking.
For deeper insights, utilize Shopify’s Analytics section, featuring dashboards for real-time sales and customer behavior stats.

For advanced analytics, integrate third-party tools like Mipler’s app into your Shopify store.

While Shopify allows some level of report customization, it’s generally limited to filtering data and essential modifications rather than full-scale customization.

Generate Shopify Sales Reports with Mipler

Use Mipler’s reporting tool to create a Shopify sales report. Export data for each product variant, including total items sold, net sales, and sales completion percentage.

Follow Mipler’s simple steps to generate your report

  •  Install Mipler’s Advanced Reports app in your Shopify store.
  •  Navigate to Reports > Sales category.
  •  Choose the desired report, such as Sales over time, and specify the date range for the data you need.
  • Save your settings.
  •  Export the data to a CSV file if required.

You can produce reports by hour, day, month, or covering the entire duration of your store’s operation.

Benefits of Advanced Reports by Mipler

  • Real-time data processing ensures you have the latest information for quick decision-making.
  • Conduct sales analytics, financial analysis, tax calculations, inventory management, customer insights, and data exports easily.
  • Compatible with Shopify Plus stores, Mipler’s Advanced Reports enable you to merge data from various stores into one comprehensive report.
  • Share reports securely via public links without needing Shopify admin access, and schedule emails to send reports as CSV, Excel, or PDF attachments.
  •  Plus, gather comprehensive information using tags, metafields, and note attributes.

To sum up

Mipler Advanced Reports presents a comprehensive solution tailored to elevate your Shopify reporting capabilities significantly. Whether you seek intricate sales breakdowns, tax analysis, or bespoke reports derived from specific metafields, Mipler equips you with versatile tools for comprehensive data examination.

With the option of a complimentary 7-day trial, you have the perfect opportunity to delve into the diverse functionalities Mipler offers, precisely addressing your business’s distinct reporting requisites.

By seamlessly integrating Mipler’s Advanced Reports into your Shopify store, you unlock access to advanced analytics that yield profound insights into customer behaviors, enabling you to refine your sales strategies with precision.

Moreover, with enhanced inventory management insights, you can optimize stock levels and streamline operations for optimal efficiency. This integration ensures that your business remains agile and well-prepared to thrive amidst the dynamic and competitive landscape of e-commerce.

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