Selecting the right and secure site to play online can be very tricky. There are various important things to consider, like whether the site is safe and secure, if the banking options are safe, if the games available are fair, and more! Here’s your guide on how to choose the best site to play Aviator online.

All licensed websites have their license number written on the footer. Simply scroll to the very bottom of the page where you can check the details. Being licensed means that the operator follows stringent rules regarding fair gaming, responsible gaming, and data security. An example of a licensed site is It is one of the most secure and safe sites to play Aviator in Mozambique.

  • Banking options available.

Of course, when you’re playing on a site you need to make sure that you are using safe and known banking methods to deposit and withdraw funds. Some of the most used and popular options are M-Pesa and E-Mola. While using these options, you can rest assured that your money is safe and will be in your playing account when you deposit and in your personal account when you withdraw.

  • Fair Gameplay At All Times

Once you’re playing on a licensed site, you can be sure that all their games are fair. Some games like Aviator even provide a tool that gives you the ability to change your seed and check the fairness of the game. Popular games like Aero, Rocketman, JetX, Spaceman, and more are fully regulated. You can check this on the respective game settings, where it is mentioned.

  • Playing Aviator on Mobile

On most online sites, you have the option to play Aviator on desktop or mobile, depending on your preferences. The logging process remains the same as on desktop and you just select the game and place your bets. The objective remains the same, you must keep the plane from crashing to seize the maximum multipliers.

  • Tips and Tricks on Aviator

There are various tips and tricks when playing Aviator online. If you are a new player, go for the demo first. This should give you some practice before you start betting with real money. Avoid predicting the game’s outcome as it uses a random number generator. This means that the RNG creates unpredictable events and occurrences. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the game’s results. Manage your bankroll, by avoiding betting more than you can afford to lose. Aviator even lets you find out how much money you can lose if you do not cash out in time. Racing after high multipliers will surely bring big payouts but it’s best to keep an eye on the plane to Cashout before the plane crashes.

Aviator is one of the most popular games online, and Aero is surely following the lead by gaining in popularity day by day. If you want to enjoy both games then register on!