How To Bet On Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. This game has dynamics and entertainment, an uncompromising struggle for victory and unpredictable finals. This is why basketball has so many fans. In this article, will tell you how to bet on this sport.

Basketball features

The average total goals in a match is 150-250 points. Among the main features of basketball games are:

  • The possibility of getting a handicap. The odds won’t drop even if the teams don’t score quite the number of goals you anticipated.
  • Bettor betting on the outcome of the match is protected from accidental goals.
  • Even the best basketball players who have just joined the team take time to adapt. Therefore, if you see an eminent player in the squad, specify how long he has been playing for the club.

How to bet on basketball

The most famous basketball league is the NBA. It includes the best clubs in Canada and the United States, star athletes play here, and the association’s matches are watched by millions of viewers around the world.

Games in the NBA take place almost every day during the season. The bettor has a good opportunity to follow the statistics of the teams and the form of the players since the broadcasts of the matches can be easily found on the Internet.

Knowing certain league trends will help you make better match predictions.

  1. At the beginning of the championship, the teams are not in optimal physical condition. This is due to a long break and not being better trained. As a result, the teams score less than the betting odds suggest.
  2. If several new players came to the team during the transfer period at once, then at the very beginning of the season the club may not show the best results. The thing is that in basketball, only five people go to the court, and therefore the teamwork between them is especially important.
  3. During the playoffs, teams play more cautiously and try to focus on defense, so the matches are less productive.

Besides the specific factors of a particular league, general characteristics also affect the result of the game: injuries of athletes, the importance of the match, motivation, home game or away (basketball players usually score more at home).

As an example, consider a qualifying match for the Olympics between New Zealand and Canada.

New Zealanders were once a real discovery. Analyzing their matches, bettors noticed that they tend to attack early. Also, at that time, the Webster brothers played for the New Zealand national team, who earned 48 points in one match against the Philippines.

The Canadians easily outplayed Turkey but had difficulties against a weaker team from Senegal. The fact that it was their second game in 24 hours might have played a part.

The Canadians are more experienced and have a great squad of the best players, while the New Zealanders are young and eager to prove themselves. The bookmakers considered Canada as the favorite (odds 1.86 vs. 3.50), which won the match.

Professional bettors are sure that the outcome of a basketball game is much easier to predict than in the case of other sports. If you make predictions based on the analysis of statistics and place bets for no more than 5% of the total bank, you can get a stable income.