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How Hackers Can Read Your SMS Messages Without You Knowing
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How Hackers Can Read Your SMS Messages Without You Knowing

How Hackers Can Read Your SMS Messages

Some hackers have succeeded in viewing messages of a user without physically accessing the device of the target, they can spy on anyone’s SMS without the target phone. This happens when they have previously installed spyware on the target phone without the consent of the user.

An online stranger once posted a question online asking “can texts be hacked?” The answer is yes, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or an android phone. If you do not take protective measures, your messages can be hacked.

Signs that a hacker is reading your messages

I know by now you are wondering how can someone see my text messages. We’ve reached out to renowned experts to help us share some signs with you.

  • You receive suspicious text messages and emails- this could be an indication that a hacker has already subscribed to certain spyware and as usual, they are sending newsletters to make you aware of their upcoming crazy discount. Emails could also be used by hackers to send you a link, these links could contain a command to download spyware. Whenever you receive a link, you should first check on the source before proceeding to open it.
  • Unnecessary pop-up ads on your device- well, not all pop-ups are signs that your device has been hacked, but constant pop-ups could be an indication that your device has been infected with adware. Adware is software designed by a developer to generate revenue by clicks, in basic terms, these are unwanted advertisements that pop up randomly on your phone, and hackers use this opportunity to mine data from you.
  • You are often redirected to unknown sites- every time you are operating your device, you are redirected to some sites you have no idea of. These could be spyware sites and you have to take precautionary measures to avoid further damages.
  • A random shutdown of your phone- some spyware may need the system to restart for them to operate, this could force your phone to do an unexpected restart or shut down.

How to protect your phone from hackers.

  • Use anti-virus tools- ant-virus tools are software created to detect, prevent and remove any possible malware on your device. Many antivirus tools are compatible with almost all devices and offer almost 100% protection. To use an antivirus on Android, you can download it from the google play store and follow the usage instructions. However, download them from known and authentic sites. Some antivirus tools are spyware that was created by hackers to deceive you and you can easily fall into their trap.
  • Use a firewall- a firewall is a networking security system that keeps an eye on incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security tools. For spyware to complete its cycle, it should send data to the attacker through your network and that is where the firewall comes in handy. It will capture the malicious activity and alerts you and you have to take appropriate measures to eliminate the spyware.
  • Use anti-spy software- antispy software operates similarly as antivirus does. The only difference is that antispyware is set specifically to detect a set of malicious applications known as spyware.
  • Protect your phone with a strong password- Some spying apps are installed when you leave it unlocked or when you have a weak password. To avoid this, you have to use strong combinations which cannot be easily predicted.


You could be helping hackers unknowingly. To avoid helping them mine data from you,  you need to take all the possible precautionary measures whenever you find unusual activity on your device. All the measures are straightforward, you do not need to be tech-savvy to perform any of them. Be informed, prevention is better than cure!

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