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Who are the high rollers in online casinos

Who are the high rollers in online casinos

If you’re an absolute greenhorn on the betting field, you may eventually find out that you have troubles with understanding extraordinary slang. Gambling habitués tend to use bizarre words and phrases when they talk about their experience and share little tip-offs for newly arrived players.

Even if you feel lost in all tangled terms, you should keep the train on the rail – sinking deeper into the topic, and you will smoothly broaden your knowledge. Our new paragraph is devoted to the High Rollers – bear with us to discover core features of the first-class high roller casinos Canada and learn more about the unique category of players. Find out about

High Roller Definition and Meaning

High Rollers, also known as «whales» and «cheetahs,» are a limited class of gambling enthusiasts, wagering incredible amounts of cash in online casinos. These ladies and gentlemen aren’t scared to lose it all, as they usually belong to the wealthy social unit and have an unlimited budget.

These players are pampered with private jets and luxury limousines in ground-based casinos that pick them up at home and bring them around to the venue. High Rollers are served with exquisite cuisine and flavorsome cocktails inside the hall – they even have a personal bartender and a group of elegant waiters.

In online gambling, the situation is slightly different – as web-based casinos do not provide their service in person, they treat unique customers with customized virtual treasures.

High Rollers most often have the highest level of the loyalty program, so they can continuously benefit from:

  • Regular deposit and free spins bonuses;
  • Increased cashback;
  • Enhanced withdrawal limits;
  • Early access to upcoming games;
  • Constant discounts in the store;
  • Individual manager and an accelerated procedure to process requests for emergency assistance.

Sounds pretty tantalizing, isn’t it? Being ready to wager for astounding amounts, you can also become a High Roller.

Join any upscale betting website and pitch into a startling venture – but before you take a leap towards a thrilling adventure, ensure being a full-aged individual with a stable mentality.

How to grow into a High Roller

Practically, there are no boundaries that can hold you back from becoming clearly visible as a luxurious member of the gambling community. However, only a low percentage of all players can engage in the abundant league, as the requirements are extremely strict.

Let’s keep an eagle eye on existing ways to become a gambling whale:

  1. Make plenteous wagers. Obviously, the primary unspoken rule among High Rollers is making frequent king-sized stakes. Depending on the chosen game and casino, wagers may differ – for example, in the Midwest, you can be initiated into the VIP membership if you regularly place around $100 per hand. More serious international institutions require at least $500 or $1,000 per round – bookies get a kick out of players skating on thin ice.
  2. Deposit for astonishing amounts. Some gambling houses give more attention to you when you put the money into your account, spoiling you with diversified promotional packages and magnanimous discounts. If you deposit $100,000 or even more, you will definitely be rolling in clover.
  3. Go for High Roller rooms in betting halls. The majority of whales kill their time in special posh rooms, where they are lionized and cherished. You can get a personal invitation, be an active player, and heavily invest in your account.

Except for a delightful sensation of complacency, you will take pleasure in increased odds.

Worldwide famous High Rollers

Most commonly, gambling stars have been in the public eye long before their success in casinos. Usually, «whales» represent an affluent group of society – celebrities, bloggers, actors, singers, and businessmen. Having a sufficient amount of cash, they carelessly spend their money with both hands, without fear of getting broke.

Whenever you are bored, you can take your time and immerse into the crowning accomplishments of these fabulous human beings:

  • Ben Affleck – famed stardom in the movie industry that was filmed in top-selling films, such as Batman, Gone Girl, etc. He is also known for being an extremely witty card counter and risky high roller.
  • George Clooney – an actor that played «gambling whale» on the big screen and actually turned out to be one;
  • John McCain – an efficient businessman and fundraiser, pretty often finding his peace in 12-hour long gaming sessions.

Check out personal stories of these gents, and you will understand what we mean by describing a typical High Roller.

Thanks to the stars, you don’t need to be a superstar to become a «gambling cheetah» in Canada – just work hard and play more!

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